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SOON2BETHIN3 Posts: 61
7/27/09 1:46 P

fat-free plain yogurt, light sour cream, or even calorie-wise miracle whip

7/27/09 11:58 A

I use Miracle Whip as well.

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7/27/09 11:28 A

Hellmann's dijonnaise...5 calories/tsp, and it has the same creaminess of mayo without the fat and calories.

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RUNKRISSY Posts: 281
7/27/09 11:07 A

I use fat free plain yogurt.

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SYK1012 Posts: 758
7/27/09 10:21 A

walden farms mayo. 0 cal. im not a big mayo user but i used it instead of regular mayo for deviled eggs i made this weekend for a potluck they were DELISH everyone loved them!
ILOST150POUNDS Posts: 1,662
7/27/09 9:17 A

Have you tried plain yogurt mixed with half mayo? That really brings down the fat & calories, and no one can tell the different in my house.

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7/27/09 7:32 A

anyone try baconnaise?

JLTHOMPSON333 Posts: 25
7/27/09 3:38 A

I know this post is older and I just joined but have played a lot trying to find alternatives to mayo because I have to have in tuna and on sandwiches. Believe it or not you can take non fat cottage cheese and blend it with olive oil mayo and just a splash of lemon and hot sauce. I kid you not it is very good and basically nothing in it.

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10/4/08 12:31 A

Mayo actually isn't unhealthy if you have one made with olive oil. Eggs, olive oil; very healthy. I like Hellmann's olive oil mayo - 50 cal per TBSP.

I also like to mix yogurt with mayo or as a replacement. Avocado is also a healthy mayo alternative.

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10/3/08 11:48 P

I like Dijonnaise. It's mustard, but it's creamy like mayo and only has 5 calories a serving. I haven't tried it with tuna yet, but it's delicious in egg salad and on sandwiches.


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10/3/08 11:43 P

I prefer Helmann's Lowfat Mayo in the green lid. I have hated low fat mayos in the past but really like this one and I feel that I can't ever give up on mayo completely. It is very low calorie--I think just 15 cals a tablespoon and it doesnt have that sicky-sweet taste of Miracle Whip.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,677
10/3/08 10:54 P

For egg salad there really isn't a substitute. For chicken salad try sour cream although I'm not sure that is much healthier.
For tuna... my mom used to eat her tuna with catalina salad dressing.

10/3/08 10:42 P

I use hummus...there are many flavors so I change up to add more variety to my menu!!! One of my favorite is diced roast turkey mixed with tomato basil or garlic hummus!!!

Different brand have different calorie counts...I look for no more than 60 calories per 2 tablespoons!!!


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10/3/08 9:41 P

We use Vegenaise which is non-dairy. I don't know how it compares to regular mayo as we never use it.

I still use Miracle Whip for some things - I can't handle anything else with egg salad for instance. But there are recipes to make your regular mayo taste like Miracle Whip using sugar - you can use a sugar of your choice, making a healthy choice.

I agree that you probably will need some kind of mayo for chicken and tuna salad, but definitely there are a lot of places where you can use avocado or mustard. Mostly on burgers, for instance, I just use mustard, or put avocado slices on a sandwich (or smear it on one of the bread slices).

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10/3/08 9:39 P

I use non-fat plain yogurt mixed with lemon juice (or relish) and a bit of ground pepper. To make it richer I use lemon juice with a little bit of olive oil and pepper. Sometimes I add a bit of sugar or Splenda for a sweeter taste. Depends on what I use it for. I make homemade fat free plain yogurt because I can use it with so many different things from dips to cheesecake. Very good stuff.

LUCYGODDESS Posts: 2,409
10/3/08 9:32 P

I use Miracle Whip Light too...only 20 cals & 1.5 grams of fat per for a 1/4 cup to maybe make tuna salad or something it would only be 80 cals & grams of fat for the whole thing of tuna salad you if you divided portions down would be less. This is much better than mayo.

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10/3/08 8:54 P

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I use mustard for my tuna and chicken salad but that is after a lot of time of mixing it with the light miracle whip. Trying a mixture of 1/4 mustard (I use the spicy) and 3/4 mayo then over time use more mustard and less mayo....

Plain yogurt also works as does cottage cheese for me.

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10/3/08 8:32 P

For some reason, it's really hard to find yogurt here that isn't flavored.

I've never been a big fan of Mayo, but when I make a tuna sandwich I usually use Light Miracle Whip. It gets a bad rep, but as long as you don't pile it on it should be an alright alternative.

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SUZBB99 Posts: 156
10/3/08 8:12 P

In terms of on a sandwich with lunch meat...avocados are a great alternative for the texture.

You can sometimes add yogurt to replace mayonnaise...try looking up some recipes with that to make a chicken salad.

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TATASTHA Posts: 2,103
10/3/08 8:04 P

I just leave it out. Once you get use to not having it you don't miss it.

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NORWAYNANCY Posts: 1,566
10/3/08 7:03 P

I just read on another post that some people use Hummus-I have not bought any yet but am going to try it.I have never ate hummus.

10/3/08 7:00 P


I'm curious if anyone on here knows a healthy alternative to mayonnaise for using with chicken salad, egg salad, and tuna fish sandwiches.

Mayonnaise isn't the healthiest thing for you, so suggestions would be welcome!


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