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TULIP2880 Posts: 230
4/21/08 12:45 P

Also just to let you know they are about to come out with a healthier Ramen noodle (dont know how much it will cost but) here is from their website

Choice Ramen

Using Your Noodle for Better Eating

Now that Choice Ramen is here, eating healthier doesn't have to feel like a punishment. Choice Ramen is 80% fat free with 25% less sodium than typical instant ramen*. How'd we do it? The secret rests in a special air-drying process. It yields a healthier noodle with the delicious taste and texture you're looking for.

Good Luck :)

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4/21/08 10:49 A

Shirataki noodles.. they are cheap.. already cooked so all you have to do is warm them and a serving only has 20 calories. I keep them in the frig at all times.. they keep for months.. just open the pkg, rinse and do whatever you want with them.

I buy mine at the health food store but from what I hear here on the forums you can find them in some grocery stores, whole foods etc.. they will be in the refrigerator section.

I have started back here in Feb 2012 after putting some weight back on. I lost 114lbs here previously and I now know I need this community and the food tracker to keep me in check.

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BELLEB Posts: 5
4/20/08 8:19 P

I love Udon noodles (especially the Spicy Seafood packets). Although, I would say to watch out for all the sodium in the seasoning packet. Using half instead of all can save you a little. :-)

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4/20/08 8:15 P

udon noodles or soba noodles are a great alternative and are really good. they aren't high in fat and sodium like ramen and if you boil them in chicken stock or veggie stock with some chopped vegetables it makes a great soup! you should be able to find them in the international section of any grocery by the asian foods. good luck!

COOLMOMOF2 Posts: 125
4/20/08 5:10 P

If you like Ramen Noodles and want something similar, look around in the Int'l section of your grocery store. Some of the 1-serving thai noodle packets are much healthier. You can also try soba noodles which you can cook up in a microwave. If you like canned soups, there are plenty of healthy options and if you look for sales and use coupons you can get lower-calorie frozen meals pretty inexpensively.

I tend not to eat most processed foods, so I prefer things like salads, pita sandwiches, tuna, or I often make enough of our dinner meal to have "planned leftovers." It's usually not very expensive to add a serving or two to the suppertime meal & it gives you lots of variety at lunchtime.

Good luck!

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4/20/08 2:46 P

I eat ramen noodles ALOT for lunch.. They are quick, easy and cheap.. I do not use the seasoning packet so always assumed that made the noodles better for you..

Boy was I wrong! Ramen are filled with fat and empty calories even without the season packet.

Iam seeking some idea/recipes for a cheap alternative.. Iam on a very limited food budget and it seems that everything good for you is expensive!


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