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6/15/14 10:41 P

Par boil wings, then place them on a cooling rack in a cookie sheet in a 375 oven for 25 minutes. Toss with your favorite wing seasoning and sauce, you get that crispy crunchy wing we all crave without frying them.


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I haven't tried this yet but I have a go to recipe site I use and she has a "wings" recipe where she uses boneless skinless chicken tenders instead of wings. It looks really good and I haven't tried any recipe from her site that I haven't liked, it's all been good. is the site.

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5/12/14 9:45 A

You are totally correct when you say they are high in calories and fat.

Just one wing is Approx. 100 calories and 60% fat. By eating the skin you're just eating fat, and if its fried, it's even worse...Chicken skin is largely composed of saturated fat....tasty, yes, but they can be artery clogging......if you like them and want to take the chance....roasted or grilled maybe the best alternative rather than fried. Also..did you know...sprinkling with salt before cooking will draw more moisture out of the skin and make them more crunchy.

Sorry, I haven't made or had wings in years as I want to protect my heart from saturated fats and keep my cholesterol I do not have an actual recipe.

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5/10/14 4:18 P

My family loves my wings and all I do is drizzle them with a bit of olive oil and rub it around then I toss them with Weber chicken and rib seasoning. Bake on 400 for 45 min to an hour and toss with a little Frank's Hot sauce when they come out.

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4/9/14 6:54 P

Wow you have done great here, congrats on your success so far. I love wings too. Making them at home helps, baking instead of frying is also good. Try to stick to just 3 those are my suggestions. Sorry I don't have an actual recipe to share

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1/27/14 2:33 P

Planning on wings for the Superbowl...I marinade the wings overnight with a mesquite marinade, or lime juice and honey- you can make your own flavor of marinade, or from a mix. Instead of deep frying, I place under Broiler turning once until done. For anyone prefering a dip. I use a lite salad dressing, with celery and carrot "fingers" on the side.

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1/24/14 11:17 P

My hubby and I LOVE to eat wings, but they are high in fat and calories. Looking for ways to make them, but cutting out a lot of the fat and calories.



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