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1/16/13 6:12 P

" Is there any way to tell about that??"

Those are user-entered entries... and many are notoriously inaccurate.

Enter your own, and then you are sure!

Is there a reason you are unable to type your own entries?

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1/16/13 4:44 P

Oh, that's good but sometimes you can't type in your own!!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
1/16/13 4:37 P

That's why I usually end up entering my own, with measurements and weights (that way, if someone else like you comes along after I've shared them; at least the info is there in a usable format)

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1/16/13 4:18 P

No, not really. I stay away from those and if necessary, enter my own that has the proper unit of measure.

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1/16/13 4:05 P

Sometimes when you pick a food you eat it will just say 1 serving but you don't know
what the ounces or size is?? Is there any way to tell about that??

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