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10/19/12 11:00 A

I hope my grocery store offers the spinach salad as a BOGO this week!

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10/19/12 10:07 A

nom nom nom

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10/19/12 8:04 A

Lately, my grocery store has been running BOGO specials on Dole Salad Kits. I typically don't buy these since I don't use the dressing (too much fat and unnecessary calories), and they typically go bad before I even finish the bag. But I'm onto something DELICIOUS. I love the Spinach kit that has dried cherries, almonds, and bleu cheese.

I've been combining:

1 Bestlife Multigrain Flax Wrap
2 cups Spinach (packed!)
1tbs sliced almonds
.5oz bleu cheese
1 Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Pack

and wrapping it all together inside of the multigrain wrap, and eating it like a burrito! It's under 350 calories, 17g protein, and a whole bunch of fiber! I typically include 1 cup of Greek yogurt, and about 30 grapes alongside (I add the dried cherries to my yogurt!), and my lunch is under 600cals (41g protein!!!) of deliciousness!

You should try to implement more veggies in your diet, and this is perfect! It's filling, and the added crunch of the almonds, and the added creamy tangyness of the bleu cheese is satisfying! If you don't want the dressing packet, give it away - I gave mine to my coworker!


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