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10/25/10 8:51 A

isn't it amazing? lol.

I love LC so much.

The smart ones are pretty good too. I have quite a few of those that I am going to finish off this week.

10/24/10 7:48 P

Thanx guys I bought a few of each and some weight watchers smart ones as well. Just tried the L.C. pizza and it was really good, and filling I didnt even want the last piece :)

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10/24/10 1:02 P

I have to give the win to LC.

It's expensive but it tastes great and unlike most "diet" food it is actually pretty filling (especially the pizzas & paninis)

Most of all it works too.....about 2 years ago I gave it a shot. I replaced 2 meals a day with an LC and I lost 7 lbs my first week.

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10/24/10 9:59 A

I rarely use a prepared meal anymore, but I absolutely LOVE the Lean Cuisine products. Sweedish meatballs are fabulous! Chicken with Peanut Sauce is to die for!
They have great meals! I just prefer them over Healthy choice which is also good.

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10/23/10 2:36 P

I don't know if these are the least calories but they are the ones I like best. My favorite and only one I eat from Healthy Choice is Chicken Margerita(FABULOUS!) It sounds like it would be Mexican inspired but it is actually inspired my Margerita pizza. The "spa" choices from lean cuisine are the ones I eat because they say they use whole wheat pasta and they have lots of veggies. I like the lemongrass chicken, sesame chicken, butternut squash ravioli (don't usually like vegetarian stuff but this one is good. You can always put 3oz of lean protein with it for only about 100 calorie), garlic ginger chicken.

I have only been doing SP for a few months now so I'm no expert but one thing I have tried to over come is always go for the thing that has the least fat, carbs, calories, etc. As long as you track it and it is within your range you can have it!!!

Also, I don't know if you have a Trader Joes near you or not but they have tons of things that are already prepared or quick to fix to chose from. If you need any recommendations from there let me know!

Happy Sparking!!!

10/23/10 11:49 A

I often dont have time to prepare 2 separate meals for me and my kiddos. They often dont eat the things I should. Thinking about supplementing one of these choices for lunch ect. Anyone use these if so which taste the best or have the least calories? Thanx for participating any help is appreciated :)

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