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8/12/13 8:34 A

Thank you for the advice on Just Dance vs. Zumba. To be honest, I haven't tried Zumba at an actual facility yet. I'm so incredibly out of shape that I'm afraid if I go to a class I'll fail miserably. I do have Zumba DVD's and I can get through a song or two. I haven't enjoyed it enough to keep it up, but everyone keeps raving about Zumba that I thought I must be missing something and should give it another look. Maybe I'll try Just Dance instead and when I get in better shape I'll find a live Zumba class to try out! Any thoughts on Dance Dance Revolution? That came with the used Wii I purchased, but I've been so enamored with Wii Fit Plus that I haven't tried DDR yet.

8/12/13 2:36 A

I agree. Just Dance is more fun than wii Zumba. I don't even have Just Dance 4 yet but I have the first 3 and the one for kids. Notice I said I don't have it yet. It is definitely in my plans. Zumba at my gym is great but they only offer it once a week and two Saturdays a month. The other two Saturdays are country line dancing which is also fun. I am not really sure why I don't enjoy the wii Zumba as much. It's okay but the Just dance offers a variety of game options like setting it for all duets. My husband sometimes will dance with me. You can do one song at a time if you aren't up to more yet, but keep moving whatever you do. I love the wii Fit Yoga. I don't suppose it burns the maximum calories but it increases flexibility and strength and seems to improve my posture in the process. You've got a good plan in place. Just keep at it and before you know it you will start to love the feeling of your body moving!

8/11/13 9:14 P

So awesome! Wait, before you buy Zumba ( and I love Zumba, am hooked on it at my studio 12 down the street), I bought WII new zumba and it did not have current music etc but.... wait, there is hope, just dance for the wii is awesome! I love it! The only thing is it does not calculate calories, etc but want something fun and current and you will love it and my daughter and I love it too and even my husbanda nd boys did a few songs, try it, it is awesome sometimes they have it for 20 dollars or buy one get one free at target or used at game stop it is awesome! I have just dance 4 and it is great and it also helps if you ever go out and get to dance because you learn moves! Have fun, love the wii and if you have a dance class zumba in your area, go, I love it.! I tried a few different places but the one near me, they dim the lights, put on a disco ball, use current music and it is the best workout ever!!! I have such an endorphin rush and just dance is great too! Let me know, keep me posted and dance!!! WOOHOO

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8/11/13 8:36 P

That is fantastic that you did not give up and found a form of fitness that you seem to enjoy! Way to go!


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8/11/13 6:55 P

Since getting back on track 11 days ago, I have been eating right (staying in my ranges for calories, fat, protein and carbs in addition to eating a rainbow of fresh foods). But I have struggled with exercise. I don't like it and never have! Last week I purchased a used Wii that came with a fit board and several exercise games. Last night was the first time I tried it (15 minutes done) and today I did it again (this time for 26 minutes)! The routines, for me, are challenging, but not so much that I want to cry and quit. I feel more energy today than before and have set a goal of at least 10 min at least 5x per week for at least 4 weeks. When that goal is met, I will buy myself a wii Zumba game and increase my challenge.

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