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BLUBEL1 Posts: 1,003
11/19/12 11:08 P

Small salads with the dressing put in the bottom of the container first. Then just stir it up
Boiled eggs
Peanut butter & veggies, apples or crackers
Raw nuts
Cheese sticks & grapes
Frozen grapes
Meal supplement drinks
Sandwiches cut in halves or quarters

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11/19/12 9:31 P

I packed five days' worth of this salad this week. I was surprised by how filling it was once I started eating!

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SECTION1RON Posts: 6,071
11/19/12 1:02 P

Crock pot of vegetarian Chili and put into individual containers and freeze. Take one serving out of freezer the night before and pack for lunch with a slice of low sodium whole grain bread with becel, a 15-20g slice of low fat Swiss Cheese and an apple.

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11/19/12 12:55 P

Usually I make a big crock pot full of some soup/stew/chili and then eat off it all week.

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YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,900)
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11/19/12 12:15 P

I bring leftovers from dinner almost every day. I also eat out once a week as a treat, usually at Chipotle since I can eat there and stay easily within my ranges. I also have a few frozen meals in my freezer in case I don't have leftovers. I like the Healthy Choice Top Chef Steamers. They have a good amount of nutrients and aren't too bad on the sodium for a frozen meal.

For snacks I have yogurt, cheese, and an apple. Sometimes I'll bring 1oz of beef jerky if I'm low on my protein for the day, but not often since it does have a lot of sodium. I also like those mini bags of smart pop popcorn, but I wouldn't recommend that if you work in a place w/ a lot of people, a lot of people don't like the popcorn smell. I also eat my "breakfast" at work, which is just a 120 calorie Kellogg's Fiber Plus granola bar. It would be a good snack for most people.

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REGILIEH SparkPoints: (308,594)
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11/19/12 6:46 A

fresh fruit & raw veffies

EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,788
11/19/12 6:41 A

Low sodium instant soups! I've found a mushroom soup with nuts and grains from Cosway that's really filling and convenient to prepare, all you need is a mug and hot water! Oh, and a spoon, of course ;)

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
11/19/12 4:31 A

Suzie's Whole Grain Thin cakes (like rice cakes but thinner and WAY less calories) 3 = 48 cal
with a touch of light mayo or mustard
Cheddar cheese slice (1 very thin slice - just enough for flavour)
Deli Meat (ham or chicken breast)

It's like 3 mini open face sandwiches.

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RICU1952 SparkPoints: (105,065)
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11/19/12 3:15 A

I guy energy bars and meal replacement drinks from Amway, they're the best I found and my friend sells them. Really good stuff.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (176,965)
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11/19/12 2:18 A

Cold Baked Potato (has a lower GI when cold so will be more filling)

Hard Boiled Egg

Nuts and/or dried fruit - I find a dried fig is more filling than a couple tablespoons of raisins for some reason

Fruit (I slice up apple and pears and put them in a little snap-lock plastic bag and then nibble on them when needed)

Little sandwiches, like you would make for a child. Try banana and peanut butter on it.

Make a smoothie and sip on that during the day.

Bulk cook some soup - fairly thick pureed is more filling that watery/chunky. Freeze them in individual serve microwave safe containers


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11/19/12 2:12 A

I just wanted some ideas of healthy snacks that are quick and easy to eat while at work.

I work 12 hour shifts and try to eat 5 small meals, and I am just looking for some more ideas of what people bring to work.

I do have access to a microwave and fridge, But I'd like both ideas- some I have to heat and some I won't.


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