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9/25/12 5:33 P

Your comment about NOT saying ALL of any group is anything is pretty true. I have been a college student in all the following ages 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s, and 20s. I have taught at college while also going to college. I have also organized programs for RETURNING ADULT STUDENTS. I saw recently where a college graduate was over 90. I loved going to the U of Florida fitness center even though a weighed a million pounds and was older than many of the students' mothers (I was in my 50s at that point) and found young people who admired my guts for exercising even though I was so overweight and OLD. There were people who were around and active in all areas from the pool to the free weights and machines. Someone mentioned religious organizations on campus and that is another great suggestion. The library and even the eating places will have a variety of people with a variety of different interests and healthy lifestyles too.

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9/25/12 5:05 P

"College students are unhealthy" is an enormous generalization. SOME college students are, maybe even many, but others are positively obsessive about health, and there's every possible variation in between. Try looking in your school's fitness center for people interested in exercise. See who buys healthy options at the eating places. Don't assume parties are all that goes on, 'cause it's not true.

You say on your spark page that there are plenty of resources around you: for that to be the case, people are using them.

25 credits is a lot. You'll want to balance your work load with refreshing leisure. That's really important for health and for success.

I've taught at the smaller university where I am now for 15 years, 3 years in a very different, much smaller college before that, and 9 years in an enormous uni. before that--and in none of those very different environments could anyone say "all" students were anything! It's too tempting to judge before you know...

I wish you success finding friends of a like mind with you.

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9/25/12 12:34 P

i am in the exact situation! i messaged you on here so go check it out :) great job on the healthy lifestyle though, its so much more important in the long run.

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9/25/12 12:10 P

I went to a party school but I found friends and roommates who did not indulge in that sort of behavior. If you go to the various religious based organizations, you are more likely to find others who do not party that way. It does not even have to be your denomination/religion, but you would have to walk in with an open mind. I went to the Presbyterian group- which happened to have a disproportionate amount of really hot guys- and I found a really great group of friends through that. There may be other clubs or organizations that you would also be able find people like you. Maybe people in fitness groups, environmental groups, etc. the point is, you don't have to be alone. Even party schools have segments that do not "party".

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9/25/12 9:04 A

Oh, I hope you find someone to befriend you, somewhere.
It's difficult to feel alone.

Is there a Student Union or that type of group that may be able to direct you to like-minded individuals?

Even if there's a food prep (chef, cook) part of your college; you might find someone there who appreciates your healthy lifestyle.

Virtual is great (and you've been given a link by the other respondent); however, I do realize that virtual doesn't always fill the need for physical (eye-to-eye) conversation

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9/25/12 8:00 A


It's been a long time since I was were you are. However, SparkPeople does have a College Living Lifestyle Center that I think you will find helpful and don't forget about our college SparkTeams. There you may be able to connect with others going through your same situation.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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9/25/12 1:53 A

I am a 22 year old college student. College students are unhealthy. I have moved to a town far away from my friends so I can focus on school and health. I am happy in the sense that I am healthier and living a healthy lifestyle but at times I miss being very social.

I work full time and am taking 25 units, so I dont have time to really engage in the "college culture" and i dont really want to because I dont enjoy binge drinking or smoking or promiscuity. I find its hard to find healthy people my age.

How do you balance being healthy with not being a loner?

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