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I have taken my kids completely off of all juice. I was giving it to them early on, just so my oldest would get some fruit in him. But when I was reading how much sugar ends up being in it, and how many glasses they were actually filling a day. I stopped buying it. They now like the flavored waters (clear). I found nestle pure life splash. I wait till they are on sale for less than $1.25 per 6 pk. This is their main drink.

I do buy go-gurts and freeze for them and by lunch they are thawed.
unsweetened applesauce
animal crackers
my one son likes banana slices with a little peanut butter spread on it, and then a few raisins on top.
also apple slices with peanut butter.
for summer - the fruit chillers tubes are great to freeze and like a popsicle, all fruit.
You can also make your own popsciles I use a can of peaches in water, and put in blender with juice and a little yogurt and blend till smooth and pour into popsicle molds.
I also bake zucchini bread, banana bread, or pumpkin, carrot, or blueberry muffins,


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some of the snacks my kids eat (not sure if you would count them as healthy)
yogurt (you can mix plain yogurt with fruit)
apple slices and peanut butter
trail mix (goldfish, pretzels, peanuts)
microwave popcorn instead of chips
string cheese and apple slices
some kids like hummus and veggies. (not mine though)
sometimes i make jello, add fruit and top with some cool whip

make sure you read the food labels. sometimes the stuff marketed for kids isn't that healthy. try to pay attention to portion sizes.

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2/11/13 10:51 A

Be sure to check out our Healthy Kids & Families Lifestyle Center
where you will find several articles with helpful tips and ideas.

Coach Tanya

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The key with kids is grab ability. They probably won't eat a whole apple, but if you cut it into chunks and give some yogurt to dip in you'll be in business. This works with most fruits. Cheese chunks on toothpicks are fun. Cherry or grape tomatoes are kid friendly snacks. And don't overlook a simple peanut butter sandwich with a side of fruit.

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I blend some frozen strawberry and add some ice, maybe some stevia.

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I am looking to see what are some health snacks and drinks for my kids. Also foods. I was looking at getting V8 Splash any suggestions on it.

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