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If anything, I think people should take a multivitamin. The reason I say this is even though you may be eating lots of fruits, veggies and clean food, the stability of the soil has certainly changed from the 1950's. The fruits and veggies are not as nutrient dense as they used to be. Taking a vitamin will at least give you that extra boost. I also think that before you really start added vitamins, get your blood checked and see if you need extra. I know that i am D3 deficient so I do take up to 5000 IU's a day. I also do my omega 3 since I don't eat fish (actually no meat whatsoever).

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With Benefits Unproven, Why Do Millions of Americans Take Multivitamins?
Large study found supplement use most often a personal choice, not a doctor recommendation
By Steven Reinberg
HealthDay Reporter

Well here's my 2-bits of "feedback" to the above referred to article!

The benefits HAVE been proven for me. I could wax eloquent on the benefits I've found and ways I've been helped.
AND I have a gym membership. AND I have my pantry & frig stocked w/ fruits & veggies.
(NO, I'm not even upper middle class anymore. We are a one-income family with 2 kids trying to work their way through college.)

* Do people who write these articles AND put out this information actually check with doctors to find out how clued in they are as to how IMPORTANT good nutrition is in terms of one's overall health???

* Very few doctors are trained in terms of nutrition. I've been told that in all of pre-med. & med. school, that drs will get AT MOST, one class in nutrition. So how on earth will they recognize deficiencies as possible causes??

* Oh, and then there's the money-making pharmaceutical industry that is bilking people out of BILLIONS of dollars due to our "put-a-bandaid-on-it" mentality of the general medical field.

* None of this to point the finger just at the medical field, but I have yet to find a doctor that sees any real connection between what I eat and how I feel, or numbers in a blood test, etc.

* Personal health begins with personal responsibility!

(I actually had a dr. ask me one time: "Is there anything else I should know about you, other than that you are opposed to high doses of meds??"
Are you serious? That was the last time I went to see him!

BTW, the "good" doctors with my health care program have retired or are getting out. They don't like what is being called "medicine" in today's world.

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