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1/30/14 9:04 A

If you are accurately tracking your food I would suggest that you increase your fat intake a little bit. With the amount that you weigh and workout you really should be eating more. Can you build in some small snacks during the day, maybe some nuts, hummus or avocado?

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1/30/14 8:42 A

Do you track online somewhere?

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1/30/14 3:57 A

What range does the SP Nutrition Tracker give you? Have you put in your current weight, gender (a lot of people check the wrong box - LOL!) and exercise, and your goal? The goal needs to be a realistic one of 1-2lb per week, no more. It may even be possible that for what you are doing re exercise, 1900 calories may not be enough.

Below is a link that will help you:

Good luck,

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1/29/14 9:29 P

Hello everyone, Is anyone else having trouble getting all of their calories in for the day. An online calculator says I should be eating around 1900 calories daily but I can only seem to get in about 1100-1200 a day ( recorded on a different phone app) I've been the same weight (233) for about two months now and cant seem to lose a single pound, I exercise 6 times a week 3 days of cardio for an hour a day and 3 days of strength training, i'm eating no processed foods what so ever, im eating (40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats. Just seems impossible to eat alot of calories with healthy food instead of unhealthy lol.

The more research I do the more frustrated I get.

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