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1/15/13 10:43 P

I feel the same way, I have a thyroid problem and I find certain days are really hard to avoid the nighttime snacking, I'm just so frustrated with myself when I get these cravings!!!

HOOKCHICK Posts: 143
1/15/13 10:31 P

When you start tracking your food you'll become aware and conscious of every bite you take, and that certainly helps with cravings! Plan healthy snacks to satisfy your cravings. Plan ways to indulge your cravings and stay within your calorie limits, if you can.

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1/15/13 9:51 P

After a doctor's visit and the advise to start counting calories, I found this site on google and I joined yesterday for the free trial. I already told 2 of my friends and hope they join with me so we can share experiences. I found out how to post here so here I am....I have a low thyroid and although my doc told me to consume 1800 calories a day, I am going with the goals the site gave me which is less than that! I am trying....cravings are my big problem specially at night, I eat and drink a lot between meals too. Any suggestions?

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