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10/14/11 9:38 P

Have a bath and read a book or magazine.
Do some gentle stretches or go for an evening walk.
Play a board game with a family member.
Phone a friend who lives further west than you (and is probably awake!).

There are ways to blow off steam that will let you stay within your calorie range... and if you still want some whiskey tomorrow then you can plan to incorporate it into tomorrow's calorie allowance.

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10/14/11 8:16 P

Nope, haven't yet Maggievan. Still thinking about it though! emoticon

I know. If I do it and blow it, then I lose any plus from today. I start over tomorrow. Or, I just suck it up tonight and stick to my water, and keep at it. This part sucks. I don't know if I'm going to win this battle tonight. Need to pick up child #2 in 40 min. So I'll suck it up until then at least.

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10/14/11 8:05 P

My guess is that you have had your whiskey by now. You have to live as well, but you have to weigh up the consequences.

Epictetus said: “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” This is my message to you today. Visualise yourself there where you want to be and then put the hard yards in. You must give yourself enough positive encouragement. Beating you down is not going to help. You can do it... This is also the message of Spark people and the website. You can, will and must do it!

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10/14/11 7:41 P

It's 7:37, I'm perfectly in the right zones for cals/carbs/fats/protein for the day. I've been a member here for a week, and today was probably the "easiest" day I had making all the nutritional goals. I'm not even hungry.

Problem? It's been a heck of a week. Very busy at work. A close neighbour/friend passed away. Funeral was yesterday. I have taken each kid to different events tonight at different times. I've picked one back up, need to go for the other in an hour.

I want a rye and coke. (whiskey to the Americans). I'm tired, and I just want to unwind. Doing this of course, will blow my cals/carbs for the day. I know alcohol is a bad idea when trying to lose weight...but I also know I won't avoid it for months and months while I try to lose. I'm just done tonight. I really don't want to blow my day....but argh!!!

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