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RONIGH Posts: 631
1/23/13 11:30 A

Yes, my biggest problem is consistency. I watch my calories for one day, and overeat the next.

BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
1/23/13 11:09 A

What has been helping me is entering my food in my tracker in the morning so I know my plan for the day. Then I stick to it. If I know I have a few hundred calories left for "snacks" then I will have some but mentally I know how much I have left for the day.

Maybe you can set a goal of staying in your calories for a week or two and then get yourself a small (non-food) reward when you do that. I like the idea of rewarding behaviors instead of weightloss because the habits are what is going to keep the weight off.

Good luck to you - you can do it!

MLAN613 Posts: 18,446
1/23/13 7:56 A

Well, days and even weeks like this happens. You will have days were things get out of hand. Fortunately, it's not the end of the world. You basically just have to choose the next morning or the next second to stay on track. It will get easier.

MISSYK25 SparkPoints: (3,440)
Fitness Minutes: (1,215)
Posts: 109
1/22/13 8:54 P

I find the only way I get willpower to not overeat is by slowing working up to it. I used to have to finish all the food on my plate, but by eating slower and drinking lots of water with food I realized I didn't have to. And the satisfaction I got from feeling in control slowly built up every time I either said no to food or ate just what I needed. Now I can pass up McDonalds or pizza, which is something I could have NEVER done before.
The feeling of eating to live and not living to eat is empowering :)

WESTCOASTATHRT SparkPoints: (902)
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Posts: 27
1/22/13 8:34 P

I'm having a difficult week for over eating anywhere between 150-500 calories a day. i am done with that and am trying to stick to my diet plan much better. does anyone have any advice for getting back on track

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