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5/5/13 10:55 P


You're doing great! 22 lbs is a LOT and congratulations.
You know how funny weight loss can be sometimes: you think everyone w/ notice and then you get no verbal conformation. Then sometimes, you don't think anything of it- you're just plugging along - and everybody's commenting!
You see yourself every day. The weight loss may very well be apparent to others but you just don't see it yet.
I'd bet you anything that others see it.
Keep the faith; hang in there and be of good cheer. You can be proud!
Slow and're so right: lifestyle, baby!

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5/5/13 6:56 P

It has slowed down some. The first week I lost 10 pounds, then around 8, this week 4. I am trying to get down as far as I can before school lets out because with my son being home ,, finding a chance to exercise will be very hard. My diet I can stick to. I think alot was water and starting cardio back up again.

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5/5/13 6:35 P

22lb loss is a 22lb weight you aren't carrying around, BUT I feel that that loss is TOO fast! Having said that, odds are the bulk is water, and it should slow down a wee bit soon. The slow losses are the safe losses - the ones that are more likely to last the rest of your life! The fast losses can be unhealthy, and tend to go back on later!

My weight-loss was 50lb in 16 months - I sat there for a year before deciding to move on down again. I had been overweight for about 30 years. I am now at my goal, and have been for over 2 years. My ally was my Nutrition Tracker - I weigh all of my food for increased accuracy and enter it into the Nutrition tracker. It has kept me focused, and given me the ability to tweak my intake as and when needed.

You have recently had surgery and were anemic - I suggest that you talk with your Dr and what you are doing - he/she may be able to give you some very good ideas. Also, it wouldn't hurt to ask for a referral to a Dietitian given that there are health issues involved.

Take care,

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5/5/13 5:50 P

You have lost 22 pounds in three weeks. That is fantastic! The scale will continue to move with your renewed healthy lifestyle.

I know that how frustrating it can be to not see the fruits of your labor, but remember that this too shall pass. Your body is a work in progress.

Did you take full body photos yet? It might be a good idea to start now, and take more every three weeks or so. That way, you can see your body changing as it happens.

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5/5/13 5:26 P


You're being much too hard on yourself ! a 22 pound loss is fantastic.

Remember, you're trying to change habits learned over a life time. that's not going to happen overnight, a week, a month or even a year. This isn't the Biggest Loser. Those types of dramatic losses are just not typical. So, don't beat yourself up because the weight isn't coming off as fast as you think it should. The fact is, you didn't gain the weight overnight, it's not coming off overnight. Thus the need to be patient with yourself and your body.

Don't beat yourself up because you regained the weight. that really is something that has happened to each and every member of Spark at one time or another. We're all experts at gaining, losing and regaining the weight. Well, that was the past. You can't change the past, but you CAN influence and change the future.

I can assure you that if you continue to eat right, watch your portions and get some regular exercise that includes some strength training, you will see change with time. But, once again, you have to give your body time to change. it's only been three weeks.

Patience, it's a virtue.

Also, I highly recommend that you "friend" member INDYGIRL. Two years ago, she weighed over 460+ pounds. Today, she's lost half that weight. She one of the many members on spark who took the weight off and has kept it off. You can too !!

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5/5/13 5:13 P

14 years ago I lost 125 over the course of a year or so. Just diet and exercise. at that time I was newly married not working and had lots of time. Recently,after having minor surgery and being anemic I weighed my self and was shocked at the number-274! Highest I had been since I lost all my weight. I have a 10 year old now, special needs kid, a job working 12 hour shifts weekends, and a failing marriage. Despite these changes in my life, 3 weeks ago I cut out all sugar and most refined carbs and have stuck to it adding back cardio and doing more yoga. I lost 22 pounds so far. But it isnt enough. All I can see is my very fat face, my very fat stomach. I don't want to quit but am very frustrated that I don't look any different even in my face! I know this is a lifestyle change but am so impatient and depressed that I still look awful:( emoticon

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