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4/4/13 11:29 P

Tip from a college teacher here:

Sleep is more important than studying.

You cannot learn when you're exhausted, so staying awake to study is a waste of time. Take nap breaks in multiples of 30 minutes (for reasons nobody quite understands yet, most people's sleep cycles are about 30 minutes, so you don't get any more rest in 110 minutes than you do in 90) and then study.

And the best way to study is to imagine that you're the one writing the test. Look through the material and ask yourself, "How could I write a good question about this?" It's very hard to write clear questions about some topics, so those things probably won't be on the test. If you've got a study group and you assign everyone to come in with 10 QUESTIONS, rather than summaries or whatever, you'll probably pretty much predict the test. If you can guess what the professor is going to ask, you've got it made.

Also, take a second to look at your average so far in the class and the percent value of the exam. It might not matter enough to be worth the stress. Most of the time, your grade is pretty well decided before the final-- you would probably have to almost fail the exam to drop one letter grade, or get an almost-perfect score to raise it. Most students' final exam grades are within 10% of their overall course grade even if they only do a light review, so the final average only changes by a percent or so. Out of at least 1200 students I taught, I only remember about ten whose grades changed at the final, and most of those were because they didn't show up to take it!

And sharing the cookies with study partners was EXACTLY the right thing to do! Congratulations-- you get an "A" for dealing with that extra real-life challenge.

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4/4/13 6:19 P

Thanks for the idea of freezing them. It was just I was staring down my greatest binging weakness, and I had no idea if I wanted to throw them all out, eat them all, or even just have one or two. My brain is just no longer working the way it should

thanks for the great idea to freeze some. I saved 4 for myself for later, and brought the rest with to a group meeting where the majority got killed there. I probably had 3 or 4 but at least this way I didn't eat all of them, and I didn't feel like I wasted my mom's gift by throwing them out.

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4/4/13 5:00 P

Another vote for freezing them. Also the suggestion to just stop and do some jumping jacks or something is a good one. Sometimes when I'm really stressed out I'll just go out and walk around the block, even in the snow :). It takes 5-10 minutes but it does help.... and the cold air makes it feel even better actually.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
4/4/13 4:54 P

My first thought is - stop, and do 50 jumping jacks. That'll get the blood moving and be a bit of a break.

Next - get a grip on your priorities. First priority is to survive this week, and do the best you possibly can on that exam and lab report. If you aren't sleeping well, then extra food can at least give you a bit more energy to accomplish what you need to for now.

The cookies are currently helping? Great - finish them off if you have to. Make sure you add some healthy fats and protein with them (cheese goes well with cookies, as does a glass of milk). By now you know well enough that one or two days of eating over limits is not going to "ruin" anything and that sometimes life is going to happen and mess with calorie limits. For the next few days just shift your priorities - you can shift them back after the exam.

Once you're through the exam and the lab report, then you start worrying about getting your jeep fixed, getting back to your workouts, and getting back to your healthier eating pattern.

You'll get through this just fine (stressed out, tired, and likely cranky --- but fine). Right now the cookies are a tool to give you energy when you need it, and there is nothing wrong with using tools when required.

Good luck on the exam and hope you can get back to sleeping well soon!

BUNNYVUNE Posts: 110
4/4/13 2:50 P

I second freezing them for later. Dogs get rewarded with cookies.

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
4/4/13 2:42 P

You could freeze the cookies in sets of two, and the next time you're having a stressful week, tell your awesome mom that you are still enjoying her cookies. I hope your week gets better!

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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4/4/13 2:39 P

This week has been hell for me. the stress of knowing I had 3 exams coming up and a 20+ page lab report to do caused all my sleep problems to act up. 3 nights in a row I laid awake for 5 hours, then fell into a bit of sleep but had episodes of my sleep paralysis which included very realistic hallucinations of demons, which was new for them.

I slept decent last two nights (thanks to benadryl I think), after not sleeping for the 3 previous. Becuase I needed the sleep I didn't get the studying done I needed and didn't do as good as I'd hoped on my first two exams. Still have another exam in my hardest class tomorrow (typing this is a minor study break)

On top of all this stress, my Jeep decided it didn't want to start this morning, so I couldn't get a little workout in, which would have made me feel geaet, becuase I had to get in contact with the repair shop and tow truck. I just can't deal with this stress level and I'm on the verge of breaking. I can't even take a stress break becuase I'm so behind on my studying.

My mom, being the awesome mom she is, sent a box full of homemade cookies. I instantly ate two and they were great. Now I'm wondering what to do with the rest and not sure. Will the home comfort food have me feeling better? Will I feel guilty after eating too many? Should I eat some and as long as I don't binge on them, reward myself by not tracking them? If it shows how messed up my mental state is I'm actually debating pros and cons of cookies with online strangers here....

This week has me going crazy between no sleep, exams/studying and now my stupid Jeep dying. All the deep breaths and "calming" down won't help me here. I'm just going insane, and don't even know if I want food. A quick lift might have me feeling better, but I have no way of getting to a gym (or the time) and there's still 3 feet of snow on the ground so no run either.

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