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3/16/13 6:30 A

With daylight savings time, the coming of spring and summer and much warmer nice weather it should be much easier to leave the house. Also all of the Fun things to do during this time. God Blessings to You and Everyone. Have a Wonderful Week. Take Care.

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3/14/13 9:47 P

Are you now on Daylight Savings?


3/14/13 9:19 A

Some mornings are like that. My body has been rebelling all week. While I'm normally EARLY to work every day, all this week I've been exactly on time. I just can't get myself to get up out of this chair!

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BPXDOMINO Posts: 227
3/14/13 9:13 A

yeah i'm here I rushed and still managed to make it early. just not sure why the problems getting started today! emoticon

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3/14/13 8:28 A

won't you get in trouble if you're late or don't show up?!

BPXDOMINO Posts: 227
3/14/13 8:01 A

But I have to get to work! There's no reason for me not to want to be at work. I should have left by now but I'm still not even ready yet!

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