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3/4/14 2:20 A


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3/4/14 1:46 A

JenniLacey, I cleanse regularly and get great results. What cleanse have you used to have such a strong opinion? Our organs were designed/developed over an extremely long period of time to deal with natural toxins. Just in the past 150 years (roughly 6 generations) the profile of toxins our bodies are bathed in has shifted from natural to synthetic... I don't think this is enough time for our bodies to cope. Cleansing improves the efficiency of the body so that it can naturally remove these toxins using the same organs and processes. If you want scientific or anecdotal evidence, you can find it if it's what you are looking for.

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8/22/13 8:06 A

yes and they are a waste of money and time.

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8/22/13 7:56 A


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8/22/13 7:04 A


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8/22/13 6:48 A


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8/21/13 9:04 A

I haven't exactly done a strict cleanse, but I did try a 21-day diet where one eats only whole foods, essentially. No added sugar, no processed foods, etc. And it was vegan. And no juices - just water. I thought it would be good for me, but I got really weak, became ill, and then passed out! It could have something to do with the harsh climate I live in in the Sahel of Africa, though. I probably needed more protein and salt, for starters.

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8/21/13 8:55 A


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8/21/13 8:43 A


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8/21/13 8:39 A


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8/21/13 7:52 A


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8/21/13 6:54 A


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8/20/13 6:05 P

I never have, but after watching "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead" this past weekend, I would absolutely consider doing the fruit & veggie juice "Reboot" detox cleanse that grew from the movie. No gimmicks or drugs, just fresh produce & a juicer. Very good documentary-I watched it 3 days ago & I'm still thinking about it. The guy did an extreme version- 2 months- for the movie experiment's sake, I'm sure. But really, the focus was on eating a mostly plant-based diet & getting away from processed foods. The cleanse was a way to kind of jump start your body, althought I'm sure you could just change your diet too. But when you figure one juice had more fruit & veggies in it than most people get in a day, I can see the benefits.

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8/20/13 2:05 P

I forgot to disclose a very important item about any cleanse you wish to do. If you have IBS do consult your doctor, and provide them with as much information about the products as possible. I had a nutritionist recommend for my husband to do a cleanse, so before he purchased he brought the info to his doctor who told him not to do that specific cleanse because it had too much of one type of fiber which can cause IBS to flare up.

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8/17/13 9:48 A

Never tried it. Don't think there is anything healthy to be gained by it.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,612
8/17/13 9:30 A

Absolutely not. They only clean out your wallet and could be dangerous. A previous poster mentioned her gym promotes a 10 and 24 day cleanse that cuts out dairy. A gym or personal trainer isn't a licensed dietician and shouldn't be promoting something like this. Also, I don't think food groups should be cut out from a person's diet unless he/she is allergic/intolerant, or has religious or moral reasons.

Your body cleans itself out. Seriously, make wise food choices, add a little exercise, and stay in your SP range. The weight will come off slowly but surely.

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8/17/13 6:04 A


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8/17/13 2:31 A

Yes, I used a natural herbal formula in pill form that was recommended at a health food store

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8/17/13 1:54 A

no. They scare me.

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8/17/13 12:11 A


LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
8/17/13 12:06 A

No, I haven't tried one. I cannot imagine voluntarily giving myself diarrhea. It's just not a healthy thing to do, IMO.

KYLA9493 Posts: 377
8/16/13 11:58 P

cleanses scare me... who needs violent diarrhea at work??

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
8/16/13 11:18 P

yes but not one of those starvation ones. It was a clean eating one.

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8/16/13 11:14 P


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8/16/13 9:09 P


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8/16/13 7:22 P

No but I am thinking about it.

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8/16/13 5:25 P

yes...wasn't that bad

NURSEMATE49 Posts: 22
8/16/13 4:13 P

not yet

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
8/16/13 3:38 P

i cleanse and detox every day. It all has to do with what I choose to put in my mouth.

the commercial ones? Wouldn't touch those with a 10 foot pole

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8/16/13 2:50 P

Yes. It worked really well for me. I "cleansed" my cupboards and refrigerator of all the junk food. Then I "cleansed" my mind of all my excuses.

JUHISAXENA SparkPoints: (99,574)
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8/16/13 2:43 P

Yes a juice cleanse. It was great, never felt hungry and my hair & skin improved so much, my face used to glow. The only problem with it was I missed having anything to chew emoticon

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8/16/13 11:45 A


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8/16/13 11:43 A


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8/16/13 11:42 A

I know there is a lot of dislike for cleanses on SP, but I will give you my honest opinion of them. I have done a cleanse twice, and I will only use one brand. I use Advocare, which was recommended by my trainer at the gym I go to. There are a lot of people who like it at my gym, and most do use Advocare. They have a 10 & 24 day cleanse. I tried the 10 days, did not feel any better. I prefer the 24 day, but it is not a cleanse in the way you are thinking.

The first 10 days, you have a fiber supplement, Vitamin packs, and energy drinks. Your goal is to take in between 1000-1200 calories, however its OK to take in more. The goal is not to starve, but to replenish your system with natural foods. You cut out all the processed foods and dairy. Whole grains, fruit, veggies, and lean protein is what you can have.

The next 14 days are more used to introduce dairy back into your diet. There are also full breakfast shakes you can drink during this time as well.

My primary reason for me doing this cleanse is to kickstart my body to weight loss. You are also retraining your eating habits to cut out the fried, greasy, and processed foods. You can still eat meat, dark chocolate, and wheat breads. My last 24 day cleanse, I lost 11 inches from various parts of my body, but I only lost 7 pounds. I also had tons more energy as well.

My final point is, if you are already doing all the right things, you should not need to cleanse. However, if you have a hard time cutting out processed foods, and greasy foods, then you should look into it. Run it by your doctor or a nutritionist and check out what option you have out there. If you see one that says your calorie intake will be under 1000 per day, run for the hills.

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EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
8/16/13 10:45 A

No, don't believe in the use of products to do this for weight loss or some self-diagnosed malaise, if that is what is meant by the question.

Those pretty much would just cleanse me of my money.

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8/16/13 10:44 A


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8/16/13 10:40 A


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8/16/13 10:21 A

only for a colonoscopy...yuck!

SIRENSONGS SparkPoints: (57,040)
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8/16/13 9:02 A

No, and probably never will.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
8/16/13 8:22 A

Betsy - if you do a search of the boards, you'll see that this topic comes up quite regularly. You will not find much support for those kinds of things here on Spark.

Unless you're very sick (and in that case a doctor is what you need not an OTC cleanse), your body is quite adept at removing what it can't use and extracting what it needs as we eat and breathe every day. Following that logic, if we simply eat better, we give our body more of what it needs and less of what it doesn't....making us healthier. That's the only kind of "cleanse" you need.


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8/16/13 7:47 A

no and have no desire to do one!

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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8/16/13 7:42 A

No, cleanses are naturopathic-fad hogwash sponsored and promoted by the Queen and Prince of media talking heads (Oprah and Oz). We have multiple organs that are perfectly designed to get rid of toxins... if we didn't or they were not functioning properly, we'd die. There is no scientific evidence supporting detox/cleanse diets and I happen to have the gift of sifting through pseudoscience touted by naturopaths.

I just aim to eat healthy and stay hydrated and get plenty of exercise/activity.

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8/16/13 7:18 A

Yes just to see what it was all big difference

LATTELEE Posts: 4,697
8/16/13 12:12 A


RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
8/15/13 11:18 P

I've heard of them but I haven't tried it.

MNOT2THICK Posts: 10,773
8/15/13 11:08 P


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8/15/13 10:08 P

I like because it save my time

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8/15/13 10:02 P


ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,746
8/15/13 9:26 P

Unless your organs have stopped working, you don't need a cleanse, only the companies making money off of selling them will tell you that you "need" a cleanse, don't be fooled, for heaven's sakes..................billion dollar business!

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8/15/13 9:05 P

If you have ever tried a cleanse, I would like to hear what you thought about it. I'm worried about not having enough protein and how hungry that would make me. Also, do you have to transition back to solid food, even if you just do the cleanse for a couple of days?

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