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One of the things that SP touts is that many diets out there are, in fact, too good to be true. "The 8-hour Diet" by David Zinczenko is billed as one in which you can "Watch the Pounds Disappear Without Watching What You Eat!" Hmmm, be able to eat what you want without watching what you eat? That definitely sounds too good to be true. In fact, it's #2 on SP's list of how to spot a fad diet:

It also says that you can lose weight rapidly (#5), that it should work for everyone (#6) and is littered with testimonials (#11).

Let's look a little deeper.

The idea is to restrict the time you eat to 8 hours a day a minimum of three days a week. Well, if you get up at 6:00 and go to bed at 10:00 you're awake 16 **having already fasted while you're asleep.** So, he recommends fasting 2/3s of the day. Intermittent fasting (which is what this is typically referred to) is not a new idea. I, personally, have no problem with it if you are doing it under medical supervision and you are otherwise healthy.

However, a lot of people who practice IF aren't trying to lose weight, they're trying to lose fat so they have more definition. They're doing this because they're already at a healthy weight. In fact, most IFers are body builders and athletes. It's probably not the best idea for someone trying to lose weight slowly and in a sustainable fashion as part of a healthy lifestyle.

So now that the diet itself has been called into question in the context of SP, lets look at the author. David Zinczenko is a plagiarist.

In fact, "The 8-Hour Diet" is actually Martin Berkham's "Leangains" diet. Unfortunately, Zinczenko's publicity outweighed Berkham's. I would link to his site, but he has a tendency to curse. But let's just say that he's a bit miffed. Zinczenko has the marketing machine of Men's Health behind him where Berkham is a builder who just wanted to share his ideas.

All in all, the diet doesn't fit into a sustainably healthy lifestyle (implied by the fact it is billed as a "diet" - we're here for healthy lifestyles!). Furthermore, I wouldn't give a man like Zinczenko my money; I despise plagiarists.

Ultimately, it's up to you, but there it is. The 8-hour Diet is a book written by a man who can't come up with his own ideas based on a diet of people who have typically already reached their weight loss goals and are moving on to the next step.

10/31/13 4:13 A

I just wanted to know is the book is any good.

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