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Have you developed a healthy support system?

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Posts: 4,707
4/13/13 1:48 A

I am working on one. I just got a SparkBuddy!

SparkPoints: (7,003)
Fitness Minutes: (3,382)
Posts: 240
4/11/13 2:44 P

I have 2.5 support systems.

My awesome wonderful sweet spark friends.
My husband is only .5 because he's very sweet and supportive, however not as supportive as I would like him to be because he's entirely happy with the way I am now and doesnt feel I need to change. He loves me at any weight. (Bless his heart).

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Posts: 2,299
4/11/13 2:29 P

I too am my own support system.

Although I always appreciate bonus external support that I may find along the way (family, friends, coworkers, sparkers), I am taking full responsibility and accountability for my actions. If I rely too heavily on external support, I become vulnerable to forces outside of myself and beyond my control.

Posts: 2,158
4/11/13 2:15 P

I am my # 1 fan, that cheers me onward!
2nd is my Spark friends that encourage me.

Posts: 559
4/11/13 12:56 P

I am my support system...

SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
4/11/13 10:30 A

My husband is a fantastic support. We work out together whenever we can and shop together to get healthy foods. My mom is also very supportive.

SparkPoints: (16,917)
Fitness Minutes: (7,275)
Posts: 507
4/11/13 9:57 A

Working on friend(daughter in Fla) moved a year ago. Thankful for iPad !!

Posts: 15,787
4/11/13 9:37 A

yes I have, my mirror NEVER lies to me. It always reveals the truth. It's the best support system I've ever had!

SparkPoints: (101,509)
Fitness Minutes: (76,885)
Posts: 2,953
4/11/13 7:18 A

Yes as I feel it is much harder without the support system and it is where I get some of the best ideas -- also keeps me centred as opposed to self-centred

Posts: 9,770
4/11/13 6:21 A

Yes, my Spark friends.

SparkPoints: (12,381)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 325
4/11/13 6:19 A

Getting a good support system that helps to motivate, hold you accountable and encourage you to succeed can make it easier to reach your goals. But beware of this sort of system being the driving force to attain your goals! The driving force must be internally motivated because once an externally derived support system is removed, for whatever reason, you'll still want to be able to stand on your own two feet! And the truth is that even the best support system will fail if you are not the key to attaining the goals that you've set before yourself. So, invite others to hold you accountable and to cheer you on but be realistic and desire to meet your goals whether there is someone there to motivate you or not. Good health, a fit body and they way you feel because of it should truly be your foundational purpose for setting out upon this journey! Good friends and people who can speak words of encouragement will always be around but they shouldn't be the main reason why you've set out to accomplish your goals!

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