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5/7/13 7:59 P

I've been reading what everyone here does for their knees, some good ideas. I have been going to Zumba Gold and Low impact boot camp so there is no jumping up and down and high impact. This helped my knees tremendously but still feeling like I'm getting a workout in.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/7/13 9:41 A

Yes, you are right with the no pain efforts and exercise is GOOD!!!

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/6/13 12:58 P

Just sharing a tip...I've begun "backing" down the basement steps with less stress on my knees. Must hold the railing b/c it seems so different; however results are what I am after!!

VATRUCKER SparkPoints: (20,629)
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5/4/13 9:20 P

Yes, I reduced the speed of the treadmill to 3.3 and elevation no higher than 3.5 emoticon

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5/4/13 8:20 P

If I find something bothers my knees, I replace it with something else that doesn't.

No pain, GOOD!

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/4/13 8:03 P

Thanks everyone for the great sharing!! More people have knee problems it seems...

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5/4/13 7:38 A

Yes I have. My right knee give me pain. It seems to hurt most when going down stairs or down a steep hill. I've been taking osteo bi-flex and it really seems to be getting better.

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (83,102)
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5/4/13 12:43 A

ALMYEARTHLYBEST .sorry to hear about your latest doc visit. I hurt just reading it!

I don't have anything near as difficult to deal with. Off & on through the years, my knees would hurt, but not bad enough to make me go in....until...I joined a gym, and started doing the circuit exercises. Within 2 weeks, I was at the docs!! Turns out a simple problem: the kneecap hits the femur when its bent 'just so' with pressure applied. That "bone on bone" effect....! The brace the nurse gave me didn't fit well enough to help any, but the PT I eventually worked with was a Miracle Worker. She taught me how to tape it to realign the kneecap, and exercises to help keep it aligned. So Much Better!! But I do have to watch it when exercising_ walking, hiking, biking.... Long distances invariably make it sore, even taped. And never again will I even try those circuit/weight machines on the knees!

So I'm pretty much OK with the knees now. The bunions and feet are another topic however...(!) Surgery is planned for those little 'issues' emoticon

Take care all,

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5/3/13 10:43 P

Just found this board today! emoticon

Saw an ortho doc just Tuesday, about MY KNEES! I saw my PCP Friday b/c all I was doing at home wasn't enough to get my twisted-back-in-January knee working right all the time. It's made me reduce my time on the gazelle and cut back on a lot of activities.

So the ortho tells me that I have no cushion on the inside of my knee joints! That space where you have cartilage and the meniscus on that side are completely gone and at about 1/2 what they should be on the other side. He tells me most people find this too excruciating to walk on or even stand on! My options: Surgery to replace both knee joints; Injections - I think they sort of refill that space; Bracing; PT; and pain meds.
For now, I'm going with PT and working on finding the right kind of brace. Also considering temporary use of a walker instead of the 2 canes I've been using.

Before I twisted my knee I only used 1 cane and not all the time either....just on my bad days.

I've used Arnica for pain for years. It must help because I'm not in excruciating pain. It comes as pellets you dissolve under your tongue and as a creme you can apply directly to sore areas.
I also do RICE fairly often as needed for any sore areas.

Looking forward to meeting other over-50s :)

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/3/13 8:00 P

Thanks ... will try seated exercise!

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5/2/13 4:05 P

Try the seated cardio in the video by Nicole! I thought, sure, this will be ridiculous! Then when I was done and sweating after using VERY different muscle groups, I believe Nicole!

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/2/13 1:13 P

Wanras: Is this an over the counter product you are talking about? Couldn't do any harm and sounds like it is relieving!! Better than Ben Gay and not the outstanding odor??

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/2/13 1:11 P


Appreciate so much your suggestions and will try them!

Thanks so much!!

WANRAS SparkPoints: (43,324)
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5/2/13 12:45 A

Nope - just started rubbing doTerra Deep Blue Rub on my leg. I tweaked it bowling with my granddaughter a year and half ago. Went to the Chiropractor and he worked on it, didn't do any good. Now after a long walk or exercise cycle, I rub it on. A neighbor turned me on to it. Makes the pain go away. Not being a salesperson, but it is an all natural topical cream.

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 752
5/1/13 11:25 P

In 2011 I got two new knees (six months apart).
After 10 years of deterioration from osteoarthritis, this meant a big change.
Whether it is time for you to consider knee replacements or not, these ideas may be of help to you. . .

1. WATER -- go to the pool. You will find you can do so many things in water that you can't on land. Even the stretching is easier! And floating upright in the deep end is very good for your spine!

2. GOOD SHOES -- I needed orthotics because when knees are out-of-kilter, your feet and hips can be askew as well! Investing in good foot support is essential. A good pair of supportive walking shoes can make moving much more manageable!

3. SHORT STINTS -- don't expect yourself to "go the distance" -- take brief walks (10 minutes?) rather than pushing yourself for half an hour. Instead of taking a class, buy the DVD and break it up into shorter pieces until it's easier for you to manage.

4. BRACE what hurts -- even retail pharmacy knee supports can help. It depends on what fits you and supports you best. If your legs are heavy, you may want to consult your medical provider for a prescribed knee brace that is fitted to you -- well worth the investment!

5. ICE -- use it to reduce inflamation, in short doses 10-20 minutes with an ice pack where it hurts can make the difference in sitting all evening or going for a walk after supper!

Best of luck to you! I know it can really hurt to get moving, but if you're gentle with yourself, you can find routines that work for you.


PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/1/13 12:56 P

Bad knees can cause you to change exercise have you adjusted or what are you now doing to keep in shape???

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