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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
4/28/14 11:57 A

I was also diagnosed with low Vitamin D levels.
A recent search (Medline) says "normal" range is 30 -74 ng/ml. I checked my archived lab results, and I don't see any of my values below 30, although they must have been at some point, because my endocrinologist was moderately excited to put me on supplements - high ones! We had to adjust the dose several times before I started seeing improvement. At one point, I was taking 20000 IU daily. When I finally got into the reference range, we cut that in half. As results continued to improve, I was able to extend the 10000 IU to every-other-day. Now I'm planning to change (when this current supply runs out) to 5000 IU every-other-day, and see how that works. I'm still in the lower end of the range, but at least within it.

The thing you might note here is that I'm having those levels checked and monitored *all the time*. I see the endocrinologist every 3 months, so we know where we stand with this.
The fat soluble vitamins are ones you have to be cautious with, since your body doesn't just dump excess like it does with other things. The fat soluble ones (A, D, E, and K) can get stored and build up to levels higher than are good for you.
Any therapy with these vitamins should be closely watched by your doctor. Please don't try to just "wing it" on your own with these.

I do notice improvement now that I've got my results in the desired range. Not only that, but I suspect that other things I can't evaluate directly are also improved. Metabolism doesn't always manifest in subjective evaluation. I can say I feel more energy... and that's true - but I suspect the greater benefit is in that my body can respond more healthily to its daily challenges. That's important!

CHUTEO Posts: 5
4/28/14 11:07 A

I have a history of anxiety and depression, that gets worst in the winter months. For the last 3 years I have been taking 5000IU every night, and have found that my mood and energy has improved. Not this last Christmas, but the Christmas before I ran out of Vit D, and kept forgetting to pick up more. It was the most miserable Christmas I ever spent. While my parents played with my daughter, I was in there bedroom in a funk and near tears! When the stores opened again, I got more Vit D, and with-in 3 days I was feeling like my old self.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,768
4/28/14 10:28 A

I had two rounds of blood testing regarding vitamin D. One to show that I was deficient, and one to monitor that I had regained a sufficient amount and should back off the dosage. I still take a multi with about 1,000 IU per day.

And guess what? Still tired most of the time. I've had tons of testing done, and instead of taking stimulants (which they will give you when there are no other answers), I pretty much have just concluded that I am low energy.

FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (10,234)
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4/28/14 10:10 A

Thanks for the feedback, very useful info. Sorry for the lack of details before...YES I had blood work done, and "everything was normal".
She said try an increased amount of Vitamin D and in two weeks if I don't get energy back (which is usually low due to twins and another boy) then I should go back for more tests.
It's been a week and I do feel better, less fatigued.
I know it's extremely beneficial to track nutrition everyday, to point out what I'm lacking here and there, but it's too hard sometimes bc of my crazy mom life. guess I should put on a show for the boys and try to take care of myself more.

4/25/14 10:28 P

Yep, I use a 5,000 IU a day Vitamin D3 pill. Sometimes I take a Vitamin K supplement with it too because I heard it's good to take that if you are doing a higher dose of Vitamin D. I don't think there are any downsides so far. I don't feel any different but hopefully my re-test in a few months will show my Vitamin D levels have improved.

I did actually get a blood test to prove I was deficient so it would be good if you got an official blood test so the doctor can recommend how much you should take.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,760
4/25/14 6:59 P

"she thinks it's just a deficiency."

Oh man... I'd be looking for a new doctor!
If she really thinks that, she should order a simple blood test, and then you both would KNOW for sure!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,213
4/25/14 5:14 P

Have your doctor take a vitamin D test since lack of good levels of vitamin D can cause high sugar levels.

We get many vitamins from food and some natural sources are.... Fish, egg yolks, milk, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage and strawberries, blueberries, wild salmon, cod liver oil, sunshine and vitamin D enriched foods.

It is said that Vitamin D assists in bone health and joint pain. Good for the immune system and is needed to maintain adequate levels of blood insulin. The pancreas produces insulin and vitamin D is beneficial to anyone who is Pre-diabetic, diabetic or suffering from fatigue.
Severe pain in muscles, bones, joints and constant backache can also happen as in my is recommended that vitamin D levels should be at 70....mine at one time was only 18...and I was prescribed 50,000 units for a period of time, so I say yes, get a vitamin D test.

Lack of Vitamin D can also cause depression and a vitamin D deficiency can cause serious health problems. Some say the lack of D can also stall weight loss.

Too much vitamin D can make a person toxic, so ask for a test don't guess.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/25/14 2:03 P

If the doc thought you had " just a deficiency ", the doc should have done tests, and found out if that was true or not, and then prescribed a dosage, if needed.

What if the doc's guess is wrong, and it is for another reason. I would go back and demand a blood test.

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (261,228)
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4/25/14 3:43 A

I definitely supplement vit.D. I live in the Pacific North"wet," and I certainly do not get adequate D from the SUN!? And yes, my blood has been tested and it's at the "low" end of the spectrum.
Vit.D is key to so many body functions! -- I use an oral drop of D3. Each drop contains approx. 2000 IU. It was suggested that I add in 3 drops a day over the gray winter months, and then have my blood tested again to see how I fall.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (243,776)
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4/25/14 3:35 A

I was a wee bit curious so had a peek of your SparkPage. I see you are a mum of young twins. That would keep you pretty busy.

Then I had a peek at your nutrition tracker. I note that altho' you don't often use it, the days that you DO use it, you seem to show breakfast, lunch, dinner, BUT the calories are only around 500-600. The protein and fats are generally pretty low.

Did your Doctor ask you WHAT you eat and how much? Did you just say "I haven't changed my diet, sleep, stress.." without going into more detail?

Now my question ...... is that ALL you ate those days, and if so, it is typical of what you eat and how much? IF that is the case, then I think you will find that THAT is the basic reason for your fatigue.

I would suggest weighing and recording into the nutrition tracker all that you eat, and eat within the ranges that SP sets, AND get a good amount of fruit/veges, healthy fats AND lean protein into your diet. You may find that you energy levels pick up somewhat.

Good luck,

4/24/14 11:41 P

"just a deficiency". Did she run a blood test to see if you have a deficiency---this will then determine the amount of supplement that you should be taking and the follow up that is needed.

Perhaps she just talked to you about your daily food selections and felt that you may have inadequate daily intake of vitamin D and was wanting to increase your daily intake amount?

Can you share more?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (10,234)
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Posts: 439
4/24/14 11:08 P

My doctor suggests I take more vitamin D, after feeling fatigued for weeks.
I haven't changed my diet, sleep, she thinks it's just a deficiency. Which she may be right, but wondering if anyone else uses extra D?

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