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Have people noticed ????

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8/3/13 2:00 A

That is a super logo you have!! Evolve :-)
Good luck on the EMT. I got one of the first 1200 national licenses for EMT back in 1973. They changed the licensure procedure after that.

And of course, GREAT that people are noticing. Gives a good feeling when someone notices.

Posts: 328
8/2/13 3:40 P

This week, coworkers were saying they could tell my face was slimmer

SparkPoints: (16,368)
Fitness Minutes: (9,264)
Posts: 568
7/30/13 11:57 P

also only a couple of people. I don't know that I would notice much. 12 kg off of 140 isn't much yet. But I sure feel better about myself.

Posts: 230
7/30/13 4:21 P

Only a couple so far. Not nearly as important as how I feel about myself.

SparkPoints: (1,233)
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Posts: 259
7/5/13 5:43 P

At around 30 lbs. people were noticing, more are now that its a 45 lb. loss. Its weird at first, I just am kind of shocked when someone says looking skinny, that's not always what I see.

Posts: 726
6/22/13 10:30 P

I got a few positive comments at work and my wife says nice things about my progress quite often.

Posts: 921
6/16/13 12:49 A

I've dropped almost 80. Best I get is a half hearted good job from the wife. Weighing in at 207 now (started 289 12/29/11)

Posts: 1,329
6/15/13 6:48 A

after about 25 lbs, they started to notice.

SparkPoints: (72,329)
Fitness Minutes: (66,641)
Posts: 3,751
6/14/13 11:44 P

I have lost 24 pds, I think my friends , especially my wife have been very supportive.

SparkPoints: (16,368)
Fitness Minutes: (9,264)
Posts: 568
6/13/13 12:10 P

My girlfriend keeps commenting that my belly is shrinking! Even I am starting to notice a small difference in my appearance. Not quite down to paratrooper size yet. :-)

SparkPoints: (66,222)
Fitness Minutes: (23,114)
Posts: 2,441
6/13/13 8:03 A

I've lost 17 pounds; haven't had anyone comment on it . . . yet.

SparkPoints: (1,775)
Fitness Minutes: (1,473)
Posts: 2
6/12/13 12:43 P

Awesome!! But my move towards the goal is painstakingly slow!!! emoticon

Posts: 592
5/23/13 9:45 P

Yes, but the reaction is varied

SparkPoints: (121,333)
Fitness Minutes: (128,519)
Posts: 2,626
4/29/13 8:15 P

I have lost a total of 50 pounds, they noticed, but when I shaved off my mustache they noticed my weight loss and loss of facial hair!

SparkPoints: (16,368)
Fitness Minutes: (9,264)
Posts: 568
4/24/13 5:17 A

I have only lost 4 kg from my 143, but had two people comment that I looked like I was loosing weight. One was the doorman and the other my psychiatrist.

emoticon to them emoticon

Posts: 1,829
3/31/13 10:10 A

I lost 55 or so but there were a lot of other changes going on in my social and professional lives where those from before didn't see me and the new ones didn't know. The only one who watched the transition was my wife and the night she said "It's like someone new above me" well, what an ego boost!

Posts: 15,787
3/8/13 10:01 A

About 20lbs.

SparkPoints: (26,502)
Fitness Minutes: (25,436)
Posts: 1,971
3/7/13 10:33 P

Every time I lose up to 25 to 30 lbs.

Posts: 36
3/7/13 3:58 P

Almost every day :-) I've gone from ~340ish to 215 in the last year and a half or so. There's a huge difference. I have people stopping me in the halls, and close friends asking me how to get started :-)

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SparkPoints: (17,857)
Fitness Minutes: (11,220)
Posts: 509
3/7/13 1:00 P

Once I got down to 165 from 200 people really took note. Mostly asking what ailment I had. When I assured them that I just lost some weight and was working out, most of them said to put some weight back on because I looked too thin. So I think I am going to go down to my BMI weight of 145 just to shock them.

Posts: 64
3/7/13 10:16 A

I was on vacation for two weeks and lost 11 pounds (mainly do to a lot of hiking!) and arriving back today several people have commented that I left part of me on vacation!

Posts: 1,969
3/7/13 10:13 A

It took a loss of about 30 lbs. before anyone said anything and then it seemed like a flood of unsolicited queries came in at once. I have not lost much since then (about 4 months ago) and it has been really hard to keep moving in a positive direction. emoticon better days are ahead. Benny

Posts: 2,399
3/7/13 10:03 A

People started to notice after a 5 lb loss. But I'm little and 5 lbs on my frame is like 10 to 15 on someone else. Small losses really show up on me.

Posts: 1,061
3/6/13 9:24 A

after I lost 15lbs then you could really tell, unless it's someone that hasn't seen you in a long while.

SparkPoints: (32,256)
Fitness Minutes: (27,460)
Posts: 1,476
3/5/13 7:20 P

On rare occasions I've gotten a question about whether I'd lost weight, unsolicited, when I weighted 5 pounds more than I do now. Generally no comments.

Posts: 697
3/5/13 5:23 P

Ok folks,
So, you've dropped some weight and are feeling better about yourself.
How much weight did you have to loose before someone actually said ( totally unsolicited ) something like......
"Have you lost weight" or
"You look on a diet? or
"You been working out"?
Look forward to hearing some fun stories here....

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