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8/13/13 9:50 A

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP.


KGWINDER Posts: 1,503
8/15/12 6:44 P

So know what you mean about bad office staff. The doctor I'm currently working with has the same problem. I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning and the dentist was saying that because I had surgery into a bone, that I should be on antibiotics an hour before cleaning. The dentist was so nice and agreed to fit me in later in the pm after I'd gotten them. I tried call the foot doctor office to get the antibiotic, but his staff blew me off, saying that my general doctor needed to order it. The dentist then turned around and called the foot doctors office and the staff was embarassingly snotty to him! Long story but ended up getting them ordered from another source, and getting my teeth cleaned.

I also am waiting until I'm all done to let my doctor know.

Just think you've been given more time to batch cook some healthy soups and freeze them back to make the month after easier, I also make smoothies and freeze them into ice cube for easy on the go drinks. Happy cooking!

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8/14/12 7:06 P

My date has changed to the 18th now I know it is only 6 days difference but it so disappointment me! The girls in this doctors office are so not so nice and are not helpful or do they make themselves accountable for mistakes they make. I love the doctor but I tell you I would not recommend him because of his staff. I plan on telling him but only after the surgery because I don't want anything else to happen to my paperwork or the approval from my insurance to get lost.

This delay just gives me a little more time to adapt to the new lifestyle. I got this and I will do well!!!!

KGWINDER Posts: 1,503
8/12/12 4:23 P

You have some many things correctly in place = WooHoo You!

JOHNSC48 SparkPoints: (2,318)
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8/12/12 9:00 A

Thank you so much for the feedback. I have studied each of the surgeries and I have a few friends who have gained back all the weight from this surgery too and as one said to me the surgery fixes the outside but not the inside. I find that statement to be very true and that is why I have been working so hard at working on my emotional eating. I have been seeing a dietitian and a therapist working on the root cause of my emotional eating and I have also been seeing a trainer to show me ways to keep myself busy when I get into that mode. I definitely have not gone into this lightly but I understand what you are saying about finding out more on the surgeries etc.

Funny thing is I have been to two different doctors and the first one was all for the sleeve and the second one is all for the bypass. The second doctor the one I am going to now states that he will do what surgery I want him to do but the one that he feels is the best is the bypass because most who have the sleeve gain back the weight then have to have another surgery which is the bypass. He also states that there is not that much safety data on the sleeve because it is so new.

I researched the sleeve and there has been some issues with the staple line in the lower part of the stomach as that is a high pressure area and it can put stress on the staples and cause it to leak into the body. It doesn't always happen but there is a chance that it can happen.

I am feeling better about my decision but I so want to thank you for your post it and your advise is spot on as my therapist says the same thing about its time for me to worry about me and not anyone else!

Thank you KGwinder!

KGWINDER Posts: 1,503
8/11/12 2:04 P

I'm concerned that you even have a date set when you are this uncertain. Please consider putting this off until you can be more at peace on it. You may love your SO, but he is not the one in control of your body. Neither is the doctor. Find out more information, get a second doctor for a second opinion to hear another viewpoint, get an appointment with a dietitian and see what their suggestions for you would be.

Surgery doesn't cure you. I have one friend that put on weigh after the surgery because the liquid diet just encouraged her to drink more large milkshakes.

There are many things behind reforming your body and part of that is having the strength of mind to stand up for what is best for you. This is a big decision. Do what you feel sure it right for you?. If you don't know, you need more information. And possibly more time, my journey has taken 5 years. I'm getting better at it and it is no longer a diet. Rather a mission to be better in all aspects of my life.

I'm here for you. Now it is time for you to be for you.

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8/9/12 2:52 P

Well after 10 years of trying to get this WLS done I finally have a date and I have to say that since I have received my date I have been so emotional and irritable and can't seem to stop it. Is this normal? Will it get better?

I am so torn on having the gastric bypass or the sleeve and my doctor is not a fan of the sleeve and expressed his reasons in front of my wonderful boyfriend and now my wonderful hero of a boyfriend says no sleeve it's not as researched as the gastric bypass has been and not enough data on the safety of it. I am scared to have things cut and moved inside of me but I am ok with having it cut off and removed. Is this a stupid way of thinking?

My emotions are all over the board! Normal?

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