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3/3/13 10:31 P

weekends are difficult for me as well, especially since we have so many planned events that involve eating (lunch after church, dinner with our small group from church and usually something else like b-day party). I have found that I must do three things in order to keep my weekends somewhat "in-check". 1. Add more cardio on the weekends to help offset some of the calories consumed. 2. I try to eat smaller portions if I know it's bad/unhealthy; for example today at brunch I spilt my plate in half and gave the other half to my hubby. 3. If I know ahead of time the food is probably gong to be unhealthy, I eat something healthy at home that way a eat very little of the unhealthy food without being hungry. You can do it and still enjoy the meals with family just takes some planning. Good luck!

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3/3/13 8:39 P

Hi - not only is it ' naughty', it isn't very good for your body, either! It isn't JUST about losing weight. It is doing it in a healthy way, and with healthy nutrients in your body to maintain your mental and physical health.


3/3/13 8:30 P

im awful on weekends. i tend to have a few drinks but lose track on what iv had and when to stop. i also then get the munchies lol. sayin that i have lost 2 lbs this week n ive still eaten not so im skippin meals which i know is naughty

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3/3/13 8:27 P

It is possible that the explanation you have given is a large part of the problem, but another part is actually YOU! YOU have to be accountable for what you put into your mouth. If what they cook is calorie laden or unhealthy, and you don't want to eat it all, then use portion control. Tell them you aren't very hungry if need be. You could always have a healthy snack when you get home. The other thing is, I wouldn't imagine that you are there all day, so you may be able to cut back a little bit on each meal/snack for when you go to your family dinner night. Maybe you could choose to cook super duper healthy (calorie/nutrient-wise) when it is your turn to cook and then you only have to worry about 1 week-end in 2. Eat toward the lower end of the range the rest of the time.


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3/3/13 8:23 P


Regarding the 'won't take no for an answer' - it's still your choice what you eat. You're just going to have to be more obstinate than they are. You don't need to make it into the Alamo, just be firm then let the matter drop and have an enjoyable evening.

If you feel the need to make an explanation, tell them you're making some positive changes for your health. You come because you want to spend time with them but you'll pass on dinner.

You can always take something over you can eat yourself. They are family, if they don't provide anything you'll want to eat take the bull by the horns and provide for yourself.

Hopefully this will help you stay on track on those occasions.

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3/3/13 7:16 P

I eat great when I'm at work but do horrible at home on the weekends. Is there anything I can do to help this? Its because we have family dinner night at my brothers and over here. I always try to cook really healthy but I sometimes avoid going over there since they cook so unhealthy and sometimes they won't accept no for an answer....

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