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1/26/13 4:31 A

Was going to say basically what the poster below said... there have been weeks the scale did a backflip, let alone didn't budge.!
I make sure to weigh myself first thing (after bathroom) in the morning for lowest possible weight (it makes me feel better ^_~). If for curiosity I weigh myself around 6pm or so, I sometimes see an extra 5lbs some days (specially if I weight myself not too long after eating) -_-;
TOM always gvives me at LEAST 2kg (4lbs) increase starting from a couple days before it comes. And I've noticed that as I lose, the scale seems to go for bigger and bigger fluxes at the time. Back when I was 180 or so, I never noticed an increase. Now, the pants get tighter (or I have to change to bigger ones), the scale goes up, etc -_-;
I've found that logging my weight once a week but *checking* every morning help me. I'm even contemplating logging it each day since I check it anyway. Sometimes the day I log I'm up a pound or two from what I was the day before, and knowing its not that I've not lost anything (looking at the previous few days) helps me write down the higher number without getting too disappointed.

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1/26/13 2:31 A

No you haven't! What you have experienced is very normal and most people experience exactly the same thing. There will be times when your weight will be up, and times when it goes down. This is due to a number of factors - below are just 5 of them.

* the amount of sodium in your diet (increases fluid retention)

* your TOM

* Whether or not you went to the loo prior to the previous weigh-in but not the latter one (that can account for a big amount of weight - LOL!)

* What clothes you were wearing - best in the same clothes

* The time of day - as the day goes on people tend to gain more weight - some a LOT more weight.

It isn't what we do or don't do over one or two days that matter, it is what we do or don't over a longer period of time

I hope that this helps you.

1/25/13 1:47 P

Plateaues are defined by being weeks or even months stuck at the same weight. One week does not a plateau make.


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1/25/13 1:24 P

No you have not plateaued. You are only a week in. give it a chance. You have very little to lose-- looks like about 10 pounds. Your body could be telling you that it is at a healthy weight already and the last 10 will come off extremely slow. Keep on the journey. Keep eating healthy. keep your exercise going.
A plateau is more like a month or more of losing nothing.

I don't necessarily listen that much to the Biggest Loser, but the second week is always hard for the contestants. they lose tons of weight week 1 because it is new. They are actually exercising their bodies and nourishing themselves with good food. The second week, they keep up more of the same, but now their bodies are fighting back a bit and confused. Where are the high fat foods? Where is the sitting on the couch or playing in front of the computer.

Give it some time. Your mini vacation did not sabotage you. I am assuming after she left you went back to your routine.

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1/25/13 1:10 P

SO I weigh the exact same as I did the last time I weighed myself, about a week ago. I have been doing very well with my eating/exercise regimen since I started my new goals at the beginning of this month. HOWEVER, I did have two days this week when my sister was in town that I didn't really care about what I drank/ate (it was like a mini vacation, right??).

So my question is: Have I plateaued? Or should I be happy that I am the same weight after not following my diet/exercise plan for two days? What do I do to break the plateau if that is the case? Grr!!!

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