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Hate Pics of me Fat Dont want to post a pic.

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SparkPoints: (36,565)
Fitness Minutes: (34,366)
Posts: 496
11/21/12 7:37 A

I dont like having my picture out there on the interweb

SparkPoints: (12,925)
Fitness Minutes: (13,689)
Posts: 816
11/21/12 12:08 A

I don't even like having my picture taken.

Posts: 1,209
11/19/12 9:07 P

I don't like posting pictures of myself on the internet.

Posts: 329
11/19/12 8:57 P

oh boy.. I HATE my heavy pictures, too.. but I did post them on my sparkspage because they remind me of where I have been and never want to go back to.

SparkPoints: (1,984)
Fitness Minutes: (3,752)
Posts: 55
11/19/12 8:51 P

My husband lost a lot of weight I'm proud of him we started out together but I'm still trying to reach my goal so I hate taking pics with him cause now I'm the fat wife with the slim trim husband. holiday family pictures are the worst.

SparkPoints: (27,956)
Fitness Minutes: (27,151)
Posts: 1,932
11/18/12 8:52 P

When I was heavy I hated it also. And nowadays, with everyone so snap-happy w/their cameras and cell phones, it's almost unavoidable & you never know where your mug will end up!

I will say, if you don't have any pics, do save article of clothing will work.

I have been basically at goal for several months (just fine tuning now) and I still have hung up the frumpiest, dumpiest pair of lounge pants w/ the date of when I met my 1st goal: having them fall off of me!

Reminders. They're a good thing!

Posts: 8,082
11/18/12 8:41 P

I hate to see pics of me

SparkPoints: (1,377)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 129
11/18/12 8:39 P

Iv'e been avoiding the camera for so long, because I hate the way I look in pictures, I need to lose the weight or my kids and grandkids will never have any pictures of mom and grandma.

SparkPoints: (311,462)
Fitness Minutes: (292,177)
Posts: 56,205
11/18/12 8:30 P


SparkPoints: (2,206)
Fitness Minutes: (717)
Posts: 309
11/18/12 6:40 P

I take pictures of myself for one reason only they mark joyous occassions with my family and friends fat or not it's proof and memories in pictures of the good times. I just don't post them on line. Although a pic of me ended up on facebook after I hosted a baby shower last week, sometimes we have no control over where the pictures end up at, I didn't ask the young lady to take it down because I didn't want to still her joy. I'm not happy with my apperance most of the time, but that means I need to work on me mentally and physically. Don't let your apperance keep you out of the happy photos.

Keep up the great work.
emoticon emoticon

Posts: 703
11/18/12 6:18 P

Yes I hate my fat pics. I want to go through my fb and delete every single picture of me from a higher weight.

Posts: 61
11/15/12 9:01 A

i also hate pictures of myself. i have always thought i was fat and that the pictures made me look even worse but now when i see pictures from when i was younger, i was pretty thin. i hate that our idea of the perfect body is so tied up in what we see on TV and in magazines. that is so wrong! i have very few pictures with my son because of the way i have always felt about myself and now he is away at college and i hate that. i have decided to change!

SparkPoints: (208,229)
Fitness Minutes: (86,886)
Posts: 11,424
11/15/12 8:55 A

I don't like any pics of me and stay away from the camera!

Posts: 5,070
11/15/12 8:35 A

I don't like pictures of myself thin or fat. I try to stay out of them as much as possible.

SparkPoints: (11,117)
Fitness Minutes: (2,227)
Posts: 1,427
11/15/12 7:58 A

When I was at my highest weight (161), I hated to see pictures of myself! I looked like a meatball! I ripped a bunch up along the way and I'm not sure if I have any left, but now that I'm close to goal, I sure wish I had kept some as a reminder of my heavier and more self-conscious days. Maybe I'll search and see if I can find just one! I think it might help me stay on track when I feel like binge-eating! I don't want to go back there!

SparkPoints: (7,938)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 907
11/15/12 7:25 A

I always hated "fat pictures" of myself and therefore at this time in my life I have NO pictures that I know of, of me when I was at my fattest, over 200 lbs when I was NOT pregnant. I regret that. I would not want to really flaunt those pictures but I would like to have them to show to some people once in awhile, and maybe post here to show the real "before and after." You see in this profile pic, a picture of me maybe 30 pounds heavier than I am now, in the same shirt. It is not a bad before and after, but it does not tell the whole story.

I can understand if you are just starting out, trying to lose weight if you don't really want to post your picture because that is how I am too. However, do keep some of those pictures because when the day comes that you lose the weight, I think you will appreciate being able to compare in that way.

Posts: 8,023
11/15/12 7:09 A

I used to. On here, it doesn't bother me, because thousands of us are in the same boat. However, anywhere I don't really want to. I'm huge. I mean....look at my ticker. I have a double chin and it really takes focus off my face, which really isn't difficult to look at. You see the pic at the side? I was actually about 310 in that picture last year. I'm holding the camera to strategically hide my other chin.
I don't want to have to do that anymore. I feel on here, I can be and HAVE to be honest with myself and others. That way, when I see those results, and compare them to the pics I have now, I'll be like..."THAT is the Abi that I want to be."

Posts: 2,667
11/15/12 7:05 A

Regardless of my weight/body appearance - I've always hated to be in photos

SparkPoints: (207,139)
Fitness Minutes: (187,840)
Posts: 6,540
11/15/12 2:14 A

me too

Posts: 5,842
11/15/12 12:18 A

do what feels right to you!

Posts: 6,012
11/15/12 12:11 A

no because it helped motivate me to loose the weight. I still keep a fat picture on my sparks page as a reminder.

SparkPoints: (120,609)
Fitness Minutes: (32,354)
Posts: 20,994
11/14/12 11:33 P

I DID, but now that I have lost weight, I wish I had some pictures to show the before and after!


SparkPoints: (1,984)
Fitness Minutes: (3,752)
Posts: 55
11/14/12 10:50 P

Anyone else feel this way

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