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12/18/12 3:26 P

Yes! My choices in food have changed drastically.
I won't lie and say I don't deny steak or something xD. But I think about how much I eat of it, instead of devouring the whole thing. I would rather not deprive myself of any, but just watch how much of it I eat.

But on most days, if there is a healthier option to eat, I decide to go for it. It makes me feel better about myself, and I feel like I have more self control when I decide on eating healthier. And it's great because the healthier option is satisfying (usually, lol).

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
12/18/12 1:15 P

I have come to wish I didn't love food and its flavors so much!

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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12/18/12 1:01 P

I learned I don't have to have everything "right now". There's very little out there that is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have. Also, I learned that things like oreos or pop tarts really aren't that good.... and I'd rather save my calories for something truly delicious.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
12/18/12 12:59 P

I've definitely changed my consumption, especially since I started also tracking sodium

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/18/12 12:25 A

I found ways to make food my friend instead of my enemy. I got all the junk food out of the house as it was my enemy. I became a clean eater and then food became my friend. I found exciting recipes to try, I found shopping more fun.

GRATTECIELLA SparkPoints: (107,722)
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12/17/12 11:24 P

I have become much more conscious of when I am eating and what choices I am making, especially when I am not hungry. This is crucial because I find I eat pretty well at meals (whole healthy foods), but I do tend to snack too much (high-calorie things that seem healthy, like dried fruit or granola) or add too many unhealthy extras to my meal (a sprinkle of grated cheese, some bread, butter, etc.). Tracking food helps me keep track of it all.

12/17/12 11:19 P

Yes! Overeating is Overrated!

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (165,734)
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12/17/12 11:17 P

Foods always been something you eat to survive - at least in my mind that's how it is and how my mom got it into my head when growing up.

Its not much more then that at times now, which means no much has changed in my view point of food in general - only point that has changed is that I'm more annoyed with the foods I can't have then the foods I can (which means going to parties and out in general doesn't happen often since 99% of the food on offer is something I can't eat [do to allergies or intolerance's not do to anything to do with a lifestyle choice])

VEGASANGEL77 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/17/12 9:57 P

For sure.. since I started tracking calories, I realized how often I just used to shove food in my face at any time and without paying any attention to it! I felt like there was so much food out there, all these varieties, and it was all so overwhelming and I just bought whatever looked good and tasted buttery or sweet or whatever I thought I needed at the time.

Now that I understand more about how food works with the body, I appreciate it so much more and make much better choices. My body doesn't have to suffer digesting and processing food that doesn't serve it, and the money I spend on food actually makes me strong and energetic. Completely different attitude :)

SINAED SparkPoints: (15,107)
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12/17/12 9:40 P

It started out researching to find foods that would help me reduce my weight and now i research foods that will benefit my body. (for example i have low estrogen therefore i eat foods that encourage estrogen in my system)

Now i find i would rather have a piece of fruit to satisfy my hunger and drink water to satisfy my thirst rather then fruit juice that would just satisfy my thirst for the calories you receive from them. Basically i would rather drink water for my thirst then drink something that will give me calories but will not satisfy my hunger.

Has anyone else notice a change in their attitude towards food?

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