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11/8/13 5:50 P

Not at all--it is only an hour difference.

If you can get outside and enjoy a bit of natural light, that might help.

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11/8/13 12:53 P


Have you been under any unusual stress ? are you busy at home or work ? Stress can cause a person to feel exhausted after, what should be, a good night's sleep.

If you're not under any stress. some people do take longer to adjust to the time as well as seasonal change. What you might try is getting out for a walk at lunch time for some extra sunshine.

Walking home or going to work in the dark is never any fun. Give yourself another week to see how you feel. If you're still exhausted, you might want to call your doctor and see what they think.

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11/7/13 11:39 P

Nice to get back to light in the morning. Removes another excuse. Actually, I'd like to stay on standard time throughout the year. Keeps us closer in tune with Nature.

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11/7/13 9:57 P

It may also be the change in season, rather than the time change. You are going into Autumn/Winter - odds are, if you are anything like me, you get a wee bit hungrier in the colder months.

Are you a new member who has made lots of sudden changes? If so, go back to what you were doing and use the baby steps method to allow your brain and body get used to the changes.

As well as considering the above, take a good look at what and how much you are eating, especially compared to what you do physically. Are you eating a diet with lots of fruit/veges (think of a rainbow of colour to cover the various nutrients); are you drinking enough fluid; are you eating enough lean protein; are you eating enough (healthy) fats? Are you eating all your meals, and not skipping any? Are you ensuing you go to bed at a reasonable hour rather than burning the candle at both ends?

If it continues after actioning any remedial plan from above, then check with your Dr for a physical and bloods. It could be something like diabetes, low iron or B12, or hypothyroidism.

Good luck,

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11/7/13 4:20 P

Even though we gained an extra hour of sleep, I'm exhausted. I'm sooo hungry. I feel out of control. HELP!

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