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Has anyone used stevia as a sweetener

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Posts: 1,858
7/3/13 8:47 A

I keep stevia on hand, I am not a sugar user

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Posts: 17,152
7/3/13 4:15 A

I have not heard of this but it might be one to try if it is sold over here

SparkPoints: (6,418)
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Posts: 208
7/3/13 2:09 A

i have tried stevia. i wondered why i felt dizzy, to the point of fainting, and throat felt like it was closing up. also, a lot of sweating. i did some research and found that some people who have ragweed allergies could be allergic to stevia, as well. so... i went back to my sugar. :)

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Posts: 201
7/3/13 1:39 A

I use stevia sometimes. The Walmart brand tastes like cardboard, but the other brands taste better.

Posts: 5,844
7/2/13 11:46 P

Yes, it is ok, I hate sweet and FAV is truvia!

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Fitness Minutes: (60,360)
Posts: 3,674
7/2/13 11:44 P

First of all, in the world of food, "natural" means nothing, no rules for using that description, so everything can be "natural". My husband had a brain bleed 3 yrs. ago, and the specialists told him to not use Stevia again, but they preferred Splenda, if he had to use something. He is diabetic, so he uses splenda in his coffee. The stevia he had been using we bought to try out for several months. I won't ever buy it again, or even raise the plant.

Posts: 5,077
7/2/13 10:21 P

I've tried stevia in various forms and don't like the taste.

SparkPoints: (2,121)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 306
7/2/13 10:14 P

I used stevia and one like it with Whole Foods market label. Used them both once in baking and went back to brown sugar or honey. Bake once in a great while and very low fat, usually fruit pies and stevia and the others made me feel like I was on a suffering diet so I ditched it.

SparkPoints: (16,107)
Fitness Minutes: (14,455)
Posts: 415
7/2/13 9:24 P


Posts: 1,930
7/2/13 9:20 P

yes, I like it.

Posts: 887
7/2/13 3:08 P

no, only truvia, equal, and splenda

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Posts: 7
7/2/13 2:52 P

Yes, I prefer natural sweetners from a plant, but then again isn't plain table sugar from a plant, either cane or beet?! At my highest weight I was so addicted to the 100"s of time sweeter than sugar substitutes, I went back to plain table sugar, not as sweet per serving as the others, but it was satisifying. Plus I Lost Weight!

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SparkPoints: (99,198)
Fitness Minutes: (75,820)
Posts: 2,932
7/2/13 2:33 P

Yes but I found it tinny.....I use Splenda

Posts: 1,867
7/2/13 1:48 P

I'll second what Anarie said.

There's not been a lot of testing on stevia/truvia. It's probably safe, but I'd rather use something like Splenda, which has been tested extensively and is known to be safe, than something like stevia/truvia. A lot of people buy in to the notion that, just because something is natural means that it is safe and healthy and that, just because something is man-made, it is less safe or harmful. But, this is simply not true. There are a LOT of perfectly natural things which are deadly and many man-made substances which have saved countless lives.

SparkPoints: (75,351)
Fitness Minutes: (72,354)
Posts: 2,761
7/2/13 1:07 P

I use stevia in my smoothies. It is a more natural form of a low calorie sweetener. Just make sure you check the ingredients, because sometimes they add other ingredients and lower the price.

SparkPoints: (6,704)
Fitness Minutes: (1,264)
Posts: 164
7/2/13 1:02 P

Thanks everyone for your input. I think I may try it.

Posts: 922
7/2/13 12:55 P

Yes, in my morning tea, the taste is better than sweet and low

SparkPoints: (3,883)
Fitness Minutes: (4,907)
Posts: 150
7/2/13 12:40 P

I use the liquid form. I can't use the artificial sweetners, INSTANT MIGRAINE. I like Stevia. Just be careful not to use too much.

Posts: 11,447
7/2/13 11:51 A

I use stevia. I also use other stevia based sweetners such as truvia. I will not use Splenda!!!
My DH works for a chemical company and he will not let me use it!!!
Stevia is very sweet and if anyone is getting an after taste then they are probably using too much.
I buy the packets and I use 1/2 of a packet in one cup of coffee.

Posts: 12,375
7/2/13 11:33 A

If you use the processed brand-name powdered white stevia-based sweeteners like PureVia and TruVia, you're getting a product that is probably LESS safe, not safer than Splenda or aspartame. If you learn about the process they use to make it, it is no more "natural" than the others, but because the laws have been relaxed over the past decade, they were able to stop the safety testing and declare it "natural." Aspartame and sucralose are two of the most-tested substances on the planet, and people who had an interest in finding problems with them have not been able to.

Real, natural, unrefined stevia is most likely safe for females who aren't going to have children, but it tends to have a strong licorice taste. It's possible that it's one of those things that some people sense more strongly than others. I can only use it in liquid form, with strong-flavored fruits, or as a replacement for anise flavoring. (I once made anise bread using stevia in place of 1/4 of the sugar and the anise extract, and that wasn't bad.)

Before they halted the testing, there were concerns about stevia affecting fertility, especially in males, so if you're thinking of getting pregnant, I wouldn't use it. I also wouldn't let boys or young men have it. Otherwise, it's *probably* not dangerous, but I don't see the point in using something that hasn't been tested in place of something that's been tested literally hundreds of times, often by people who hate it.

By the way, if it helps with the decision, Truvia was developed by Cargill and PureVia is a Monsanto product. One was a joint project with Coke and the other was with Pepsi.

Posts: 4,266
7/2/13 10:15 A

I use it in my coffee in the morning. I like it better than splenda.

Posts: 1,646
7/2/13 10:11 A

I haven't tried it. If I'm going to have something sweet, I figure I may as well have the real thing. I didn't know Stevia may be considered a natural sweetner though. I also heard agave could be a natural sweetener. Have you tried honey?

SparkPoints: (92,456)
Fitness Minutes: (34,082)
Posts: 5,588
7/2/13 10:02 A

It has a nice vanilla aroma to it, but honestly, it has the same after taste that all low calorie sweeteners have

SparkPoints: (6,704)
Fitness Minutes: (1,264)
Posts: 164
7/2/13 9:50 A

I was just wondering if anyone has tried stevia as a sweetener. I like coffee but I can't stand it without sugar and I don't want to use artificial sweeteners. I have heard of stevia as a natural sweetener. But I am just wondering what it tastes like and if it is safe.

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