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11/2/13 10:20 P

My mom lost a lot of weight using weigh down several years ago. I wouldn't call it a cult.

After awhile her weight loss plateaued and she had to start counting calories and working out more. But it was a good start. :)

ANARIE Posts: 13,160
11/2/13 9:57 P

It's a religious sectarian diet program.

Here's a selection from their website:

"Instant access to the Truth at anytime!
Have you ever thought about why you have not lost all your weight? Is there still anti-authority in you towards your boss or husband? Is there a piece of pride left in you?"

(That "instant access to the Truth" is yours for only $24.99 a month! There are also thousands of dollars worth of DVDs, books, extra classes, etc that you can pay for so Jesus will love you more.)

Personally, I think it's incredibly dangerous to combine religion with weight loss. People struggling to control their weight are emotionally vulnerable anyway, and bringing religious faith into it just opens you up to so much manipulation from unscrupulous people who will tell you that you're fat because God is punishing you, and that if their diet doesn't work for you, it's because you don't have enough faith or you're not humbling yourself. This one doesn't even really give you a diet program to follow; it just implies that if you believe enough, you'll know what to eat, and if you don't, it's because you're still sinning somehow. They destroy your self-esteem and tell you it's for your own good.

I've seen it described as a cult, and considering that the quote above is the first thing I came across on their website, I'm afraid I would have to agree.

11/2/13 9:02 P

If you harvest, kill, process it, I would imagine that to be OK.

If you allow others to do the above(heavily processed), I imagine sodium and trans fats,

KAREN91 Posts: 1,570
11/2/13 7:05 P

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I have heard of The weigh Down diet and tried it for a short time. I agree with part of it which is that we should pay attention to eating when we are hungry and stopping at satisfied instead of full. I also agree with sitting down to eat and not doing other activities while eating. I disagree with eating whatever you want. I think Becky the SP dietician is right about the planning. Also some foods are better for nutrition and satiety. I think I am going to stay with the advice I get on this website. emoticon

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11/2/13 6:54 P

A while ago, my very slender 70 year old mother in law, pointed at her stunning figure and said "I got this figure eating exactly what I wanted" - glumly I had to admit, that's exactly how I got my not so slender (4 stone over a healthy weight) body".

I really like the idea of eating whatever I feel my body is telling me to generally tells me to eat chinese food emoticon emoticon

I think for those who seem to be wired to, and naturally drawn to healthy and proportionate eating, then that might work, but if for whatever reason the natural cues, signals, messages to the body are messed up in some way, then it is possible that the weigh down diet may just perpetuate weight gain.

11/2/13 5:35 P

Sorry...I am not familiar with this diet.
But, "eating whatever your body tells you to eat" is definitely concerning.
Healthy eating habits require planning, making meal plans, having the food purchased and in your home..."it is not about eating whatever your body/taste buds have a craving for. Having a plan, keeps things in control. It keeps the cravings, excessive hunger under control and the binge eating.

your SP Registered Dietitian

11/2/13 5:20 P

Hello everyone, I heard about the weigh down diet a long time ago and was wondering if anyone has had success with it - over an extended time preferably? I like the idea of eating whatever you feel your body is telling you to eat and stopping when you're way short of full, just haven't heard of people's experiences with it.

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