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Has anyone tried the Sketchers Shape-Up shoes??

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Posts: 91
3/13/10 1:19 A

I have the shape-ups and wear them when walking my son to school. I wouldn't say they are a "must" or anything like that. I certainly wouldn't count on them for exercise.

Oh, I also buy fit-flops, but only because they are REALLY comfy = ) They have an arch, and wearing regular flip-flops around hurt my feet and back. Again, not something I couldn't live without - just a preference...

Posts: 100
3/13/10 12:17 A

No, not yet.

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3/12/10 10:56 P


Posts: 18
3/12/10 4:23 P

I was interested in the Sketchers and even tried on the Nike version. But I was just not ready to part with $100 for what I figured was a gimmick.

However, what I did buy was LA Gears equivalent at Meijers. I think they were $35 and they came in wides. They 'look' like a regular shoe. I do feel a slight difference in my legs when wearing them and its subtle so I don't have the chunky balance issues.

The best thing about these though is they fit fantastic from the first wear. I love them! No rubbing, no 'hot' foot', no 'thank god' as I take them off. They are simply the best work out shoe I have ever bought.

I'm going back this weekend to buy a back up pair. I wanted to give these a few weeks to see if they held up and they are doing great.


Posts: 286
3/12/10 2:08 P

Hmmm... this post changes my mind on purchasing the shoes. I think I'll stick with my Nike shoes and just benefit from walking the natural way. emoticon

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Posts: 4,371
3/12/10 1:13 P

I brought a pair of the Avon Curves shape-up sandles last year. I will probaby try them when the weather warms up. I would not use them to do any serious exercise, though.

Posts: 288
3/12/10 11:41 A

I was thinking about buying these, but I agree that fitness has no short-cuts. We need to remember that it's the work out, not the gadgets, that make us better.

Posts: 1,205
3/11/10 9:06 P

I think I would try them if they were comfortable and I needed a new pair of shoes.

Posts: 30
3/11/10 7:52 P

Thanks for sharing! I was trying to decide which ones to go with and you made a good point about how they look more like a tennis shoe! Hope you are still enjoying them!

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Posts: 627
3/11/10 6:21 P


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Posts: 1,593
3/5/10 9:29 P


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Posts: 32,210
3/5/10 8:42 P

My sister has them and she swears by them. She said it has toned her upper-back thigh/tush area!

It did take a bit for her to get used to them but she now walks several miles in them!

I only tried one shoe for a couple of minutes so I can't give an opinion yet.

Posts: 771
3/4/10 5:12 P

They don't have enough width ranges for me..I am not a B.

Posts: 351
3/2/10 9:23 A

Don't have these shoes, but noticed that Payless now has a knock off of them that is way less expensive.

Posts: 470
3/1/10 12:51 P

The reviews seem to be mixed, but no one has said that they had terrific results. That's disappointing! Fitness has no shortcuts. Not news.


Posts: 800
3/1/10 12:31 P

I bought the Reeboks mostly because they look more like "normal" tennis shoes...and I needed tennis shoes! I love them to pieces and I wear them everywhere! I can tell a difference in my legs for sure. It may be because I am more conscious of walking more, but I'll take every little motivation I can take! But something is definitely working! I have also noticed that the Reeboks don't really effect my stride. They are easy to use and easy to wear! I'd recommend them!

Posts: 33
3/1/10 11:58 A

I haven't tried them yet, but I with all the walking I do I might try them. emoticon

Posts: 3,142
3/1/10 11:46 A

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my legs felt great & I think they also improved my posture. For my age, my tush isn't too bad but I'll take the extra help. I do need to start wearing them tho I'm not working.

Posts: 326
3/1/10 5:53 A

I was wondering if they worked. Are they hard to walk in?

SparkPoints: (31,095)
Fitness Minutes: (9,611)
Posts: 597
2/28/10 9:19 A

I have not; they sound interesting.

Posts: 4,375
2/27/10 11:38 P

I have the Reebok Reinspires. They look less clunky than the Sketchers Shape ups and feel more natural walking. They really do shape up legs and tush, as well as cushion impact.

Posts: 3,142
2/27/10 4:13 P

I bought the Curves Shape Ups in the Avon catalog. They were about $40. I love them. I was working at a health facility with lots of walking - even up & down stairs. My legs felt great. But...the first couple times I wore them, I 'fell' forward to the mirror when I was putting on make-up & backward when I tried to talk to someone. But I got over that in less than 1/2 day. I'm not working right now & need to put them back on instead of sloppy slippers everyday. emoticon

Posts: 27
2/24/10 11:45 A

honestly they might put a little more burn in a few muscles if walked in correctly but after wearing them for a week or so that goes away and all the work out your getting is the same as with regular shoes so save the cash and just walk and extra ten mins a day that will produce results and is proven to be good for you!

SparkPoints: (76,043)
Fitness Minutes: (74,377)
Posts: 2,164
2/24/10 10:53 A

I haven't tried the Sketchers, but I do own the origional shoes that this design copies. They are called MBTs. I've own a pair for more than 2 years now. I love MBTs but I am skeptical about the Sketchers.

Posts: 107
2/23/10 10:01 P

I naturally trip over everything lol so I would probably break my ankle if I used them! Thanks for the post. I definitely won't get them now. emoticon

Posts: 718
2/23/10 1:59 P

I was going to buy them also... but I really can't wear sneakers of any kind, except from house to car to work, and back! So I guess for the cost, they would not be worth it for me... thanks for asking, loved reading all the comments!

Posts: 697
2/23/10 10:52 A

Thanks for the comments. I was gonna buy a pair for regular sneakers, I'm on my feet all day, not good.

Posts: 12,569
2/22/10 9:47 P

I was wondering about them glad I read the comment.

SparkPoints: (21,496)
Fitness Minutes: (13,157)
Posts: 1,670
2/22/10 8:27 P

My husband gave me a pair as a gift. I did not like them at all. Took them back and just got the regular sketchers. They are wonderful.

Posts: 5,307
2/22/10 5:23 P

so glad this was posted! won't be buying these!

Posts: 69
2/22/10 4:14 P

I, too, was thinking of trying these, but am glad I read this post first. I will just stick with my Nike walking shoes that are very comfortable. Since walking is healthy anyway, I don't think the shoes will make a difference. A very comfortable pair is all it takes. Thanks for all the comments that were very helpful!

SparkPoints: (19,710)
Fitness Minutes: (14,806)
Posts: 267
2/22/10 12:50 P

I had been considering trying these, but after reading responses, I think I will stick with my tennis shoes. Thanks!

Posts: 2,409
2/22/10 11:37 A

I considered it but glad I read this blog first

Posts: 398
2/21/10 1:04 P

I think they look difficult to walk in. I would not think that it would be a good idea to change the way people walk - but I guess I'll have to try them to see if they work.

$100 is a little high though...

Posts: 10,149
2/21/10 11:06 A

I was wondering about these shoes, so came to this message board...I would have bought them but thought they were too expensive....glad I did not, now that I have read this. I will stick with my plain old sketchers(that go on sale occasionally)

SparkPoints: (82,461)
Fitness Minutes: (42,468)
Posts: 3,384
1/28/10 11:37 A

I don't have these shoes. However I would think I owuld lose my balance using them. :)

Posts: 819
1/28/10 11:10 A

I have them and I think they are incrediable comfortable. I wear them all day, and sadly, do not feel like I'm working any harder or feel my butt being lifted. I wear the for the psychological feeling that I'm working harder!

SparkPoints: (38,437)
Fitness Minutes: (27,674)
Posts: 1,160
1/28/10 10:30 A

My husband bought the MBT shoes that all these are based from. He has some severe Achilles issues that were exacerbated by these types of shoes. He podiatrist and claimed that he was not impressed with these shoes and neither was his pt.

Just a word of warning to take it easy in them.

Posts: 38
1/27/10 3:04 P

Have not tried these, but I am curious. And I am also curious about Reeboks.

Posts: 90
1/24/10 3:49 P

i don't have the skechars but i have the reebok ones. i feel it after i walk and i like that part. the part i don't like is that i am clumsy nturally and these make me feel even more clumsy!!!

SparkPoints: (56,693)
Fitness Minutes: (70,560)
Posts: 4,476
1/24/10 12:41 P

I just stopped to see what the comments were on these shoes. One of my spark friends has them and says OK. I looked at them and didn't like the rounded soles as I would be concerned about balance. I think I'll just wear my Sketchers that I love already.

Posts: 314
1/23/10 11:14 P

Okay, I'm finally starting to "feel" the pulling in the back of my thighs from wearing these on my tread lol. They are really comfy tho. I've only had them 2 wks so I'm not noticing the amazing butt yet (haha) but I'm hoping someone out there has had these bad boys longer than me and can give me some insight on them. emoticon emoticon

Posts: 73
1/23/10 6:35 P

Are you noticing any of the claimed changes in your body when you do wear the Sketchers for exercising?

SparkPoints: (20,759)
Fitness Minutes: (15,916)
Posts: 500
1/23/10 5:41 P

I've got them. You really have to pay attention to how you walk. You must rock from heel to toe. You can't just walk like a normal shoe. They actually come with a DVD on how to walk in them. When I just walk and focus I can feel it in my legs but then I forget and they are just a comfortable pair of shoes.

I tried them on the treadmill but did not like it. I had to focus on how to walk too much. So I went back to my running shoes for the treamill and wear my Sketchers to work.

Posts: 1,132
1/23/10 11:22 A

No, but isn't walking normally healthy. Maybe am wrong but if walking is normal, why fix it? Seems to be another gimmick.


Posts: 73
1/22/10 7:16 P

I'm curious, too. I hope someone responds. I tried them on in the store but...too expensive.

Edited by: LA-LADY at: 1/23/2010 (12:48)

Posts: 1,439
1/21/10 11:11 P

I haven't tried them. I do not need anything that will make walking more difficult. The benefits of walking in normal shoes include firming up your backside, your legs, and your abdomen. I am concerned that in a few months there will be a study showing that it damages knees or causes other injuries. If they make it for two years without recalls, I will consider them.

SparkPoints: (131,332)
Fitness Minutes: (69,359)
Posts: 54,877
1/19/10 9:49 P

I know someone who has them. They make your shoes look huge and it takes time to learn to walk in them.

Posts: 1,888
1/19/10 1:21 P

I thought about it, but the cost of the shoes keeps me from buying them.

Posts: 314
1/18/10 9:56 P

I just bought the new Sketchers Shape-Ups and have been wearing them on my treadmill the last 3 days but everything that I've heard about them I'm so not seeing or "feeling". I keep hearing that you'll feel it in your legs or that lots of ppl needed to get use to them...They just feel like extra cushy tennis shoes to me... Anyone else tried these? emoticon

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