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SIGGI9 Posts: 1,071
9/16/06 5:24 A

I think you can lose weight by 'just walking'. I know I did previously although I have just had a rather sedentary period due to a dicky heart & have put weight back on. However, I had my op at the beginning of this month & have got out my pedometer again and dusted off the Nordic walking poles I used to use so I plan to get back into a regular walking routine. Have not quite hit my minimum 10,000 paces a day yet but nearly there.

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (167,846)
Fitness Minutes: (199,669)
Posts: 15,174
9/16/06 2:08 A

Actually last year thats how I lost 50 pounds, didn't watch what i was eating, but walked and walking and walked average thee times a day for an average of 60 minutes each time, morning before work, once i got home from work and right before i hit the sack

9/16/06 1:51 A

I count calories and do walk away the pounds which is a great alternative to just walking. It works.

MHCAPPLE Posts: 37
9/15/06 11:09 P

I don't recall losing weight while I was walking. However hubby noticed a difference in my buttocks and legs while I noticed a difference in how I felt.

JENNY20251 SparkPoints: (324)
Fitness Minutes: (5,291)
Posts: 58
9/15/06 10:57 P

I totally agree that "just walking" can lose weight. I think once you start being active and making that choice, you start making other smart choices automatically. I didn't lose a lot of weight but after six monthes of aquafit and Curves workouts, after only two weeks of everyday walking my DH noticed that I was getting trimmer. If anything, take walking as a that wonderful time to yourself, where you can reflect and enjoy being with yourself.

JGLOEDE Posts: 232
9/15/06 10:40 P

I agree with some of the others. I think it depends on how much you weigh. If you are extremely overweight, yes, you can lose weight by just walking. However, the older you get the more your metobolism slows down and the harder it is to lose the weight. KDINFL--definitely have your thyroid checked out. I have been on medicine now for 3 years. It has helped! It may also take a little bit to get the right dose regulated for your body too. Walking is great, but you may have to step it up and walk up hill or faster for 1 minute etc or even longer distances. Don't give up. You can do this!

KDINFL Posts: 26
9/15/06 10:20 P

No, it seems the more I exercise and watch what I eat, the more I weigh emoticon Can't wait to take the charts listing my food/calorie and exercise to my doc when I go for physical next week. Care more about feeling good and being healthy than the numbers, but do the Curves thing and they weigh and measure each month (it gets a bit disheartening when you see the scales creep up instead of down; may only be half a pound, but it's still and increase). Think it is time to focus on thyroid and metabolic factors.

HAPPYJAMES SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3
9/15/06 9:49 P

I was able to do that once in my twenties, but my metobalism has slowed down enough now that a significant change in diet is also required. I'm working to estasblish the good habits which will get me off this of this weight rollercoaster once and for all.

HER_APPLENESS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,752)
Posts: 1,549
9/15/06 9:23 P

My post=partum weight loss mostly came from walking
My current weight loss has been mostly walking.
Its the one thing I CAN stick to and not do "to lose weight" but just because I want to.

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VICENTC Posts: 5
9/15/06 8:47 P

Yes, I lost 20lb in four months just walking and I stop drinking soda (pop). I just started with spark today weighing 250. emoticon

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RWINDSOR5 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 260
9/15/06 8:19 P

it depends how much, how fast etc. At 145 pounds it might take ALOT of it to budge fat from your body but it also depends on if you are relaly sedentary to start with. I walk over an hour a day at the pace of 13-15 min. per mile and burn over 500 calories per session.

TEXJENN Posts: 1,708
9/15/06 8:16 P

In the past, I have lost weight just by walking and cutting calories. This time, I added a recumbant bike and strength training, which appears to be helping a lot.

KYLASEDAI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,146)
Posts: 736
9/15/06 8:00 P

I walk most places, but I also swore off the elevator.
I figure I have legs...I might as well use them.

KATIEPINK1 Posts: 826
9/15/06 7:27 P

I lost the first 15 pounds by walking every evening for only about 45 minutes and cutting my calories!!

9/15/06 6:44 P

I lost weight for my wedding by cutting calories and walking 2-3 miles a day with my dad... Then I got lazy for a while after the wedding. Now I'm back on track, and I've lost almost 5 pounds just by walking and watching what I eat!

9/15/06 6:40 P

I walk 5 days a week, but the last 2 weeks the weight hasn't been coming off so I switched up my cardio with jogging and running so I hope this weeks weight loss will be a hit.. I weigh in tomorrow. Wish me luck!


PHILLITK Posts: 704
9/15/06 6:15 P

YES!! Pushing the double-stroller and walking 30-35 min/day, 4-5 days/wk! That's about all the exercise I've done... along w/ drinking more water, and trying not to overeat... I've lost 20 lbs in 2 mos!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

LOSERLADY1974 Posts: 1,285
9/15/06 6:09 P

Since June I lost a little over 26lbs. I walk 20mins 3Xday. And most of my walking has been treadmill or indoors (mallwalking) I don't eat bad but I don't count calories much either. I eat a few times a day but just guesstimate my cal consumption. I have used weights too but not consistently.

9/15/06 5:55 P

Walking, water and not overloading on sweets? Yes.

MTRIVERA Posts: 15
9/15/06 5:25 P

I have lost all 15lbs by walking and cutting calories, but I also use my jump rope twice a week for about 20minutes. I've been with SP for about 8 weeks, slowly I've increased both distance and speed so hopefully I will be able to start jogging soon. Actually I go a lot by my heart rate. When I go at a certain pace for a week or so my body gets used to it and doesn't burn as many calories so I increase speed. Of course I was really out of shape when starting so walking is working great for me.

IM4GIVN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,490)
Posts: 1,699
9/15/06 5:22 P

I eat to much I need more . But I do Leslie Sansones walk the pounds off workouts they realy get me moving .

VICKY2 Posts: 110
9/15/06 5:07 P

yes but not me! emoticon

JESSLYN73 Posts: 1,566
9/15/06 4:56 P

I lost 40 pounds in 6 months with a combination of walking and a healthy calorie intake. Most of the time I was pushing my son in his stroller.

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KGPHOENIX Posts: 3,241
9/15/06 4:53 P

Walking has never helped me to lose weight (unless it was done in addition to other workouts) but I know plenty of people who have lost weight just by walking.


DDIALS Posts: 206
9/15/06 3:58 P

Heck ya you can lose weight by walking!! I do it with my workout buddy or with my baby in the stroller and walk 5 miles 5 days a week and it makes a major difference sooner than you think. It just takes motivation, support and discipline because I hate exercising but I know I have to do it in order to lose weight.

DIANALROSA Posts: 1,375
9/15/06 3:50 P

Thanks all for writing; to read this post has been a wake up call. I've been making excuses as to why I can't excercise. And I have a jogging trail where I live! I'm gearing up the baby to go hit the road.

KATFRIN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,940)
Posts: 1,733
9/15/06 3:15 P

I wear a pedometer and I aim for 13000 steps a day. I recently won a parking space closer to work and I realised that if I got a space it could mean an extra 10lb weight gain in a year just by missing the 2000 steps I do between the car and the office.

I'd rather not have a parking space now!!

It's definately possible and if you are starting out exercising it's probably the best thing to start out with. You should try and build your aerobic capacity before builidng your aerobic capacity - it worked for me I was overdoing it in circuit training and now after reducing the effort I put into workouts I'm actually fitter than I was a year before - no problems climbing hills on the bike now!!

WOMBAT2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 747
9/15/06 3:03 P

Hi ya

Yes it is possible i have lost over 30lbs since june 2nd just through watching what i eat and walking between 30 mins and 2 hours per day .

MBSHAZZER Posts: 18,605
9/15/06 2:58 P

I walk to work every day and back - it's about a mile round trip. I also walk to my BF's apartment and back almost every day, too... that's about 1.25 miles RT. I run most of my errands (save the grocery store) on foot or bike. Take 8 flights of stairs at least once a day at the office. I seem to be doing pretty well.

Of course, I also run 4-5 times a week and weight train, but I think the "incidental" walking really adds another component to weight loss!

GET_FIT_GOALS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 78
9/15/06 2:52 P

I moved to and lived in D.C. for four months this year. I didn't have access to a car and couldn't afford to join a gym while I was there, so I started walking to and from work (it was about two metro stops away from where I lived) and on the weekends, I'd go around sightseeing and do a lot of that on foot as well.

I don't know if it was just because of all the walking. I was eating healthier too because when I went grocery shopping, I knew that if I bought the junk food i'd have to carry it home along with the healthy stuff, so I'd ending up just buying the stuff that was good for me....But I think walking was a huge part of it. It would be wonderful if I could still walk to work where I live now, but it's not possible. Walking is great, though.

LACEMASE Posts: 195
9/15/06 2:49 P

COMPLETELY possible.... walk 6 days/week anywhere from 1.3 to 2.3 miles and watched the number of calories I ate... and -40lbs total, -30 since March... it works!

Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 30
9/15/06 2:30 P

I have lost 10 lbs. just by watching what I ate and walking. I also go to the mall and window shop just to get in some extra steps.

KCMIMI Posts: 2
9/15/06 2:12 P

I lost 30 pounds and 4 inches off my waist in 2001 just by walking and eating half of what I normally would. If I went to sonic I would get what I wanted then eat half of it and give the rest to my kids! From June to October my weight fell off. But I would wake up at like 5 in the morning and walk for 30 min. then at 8 pm I would walk for 1 hour. It was normal walking I would twist my waist with my arms pumping.

I am starting to do this again, I just don't know if I can wake up that early anymore! lol emoticon

NADINEEL Posts: 281
9/15/06 2:08 P

First of all...GO YANKEES!!

When I first started losing weight, all I was doing was walking (with very little modifying of my diet) but I was 280lbs and just the simple activity was enough. I probably dropped around 30lbs initially.

I have recently started back at Sparkpeople and my food consumption has been modified a little compared to how I was eating, but not by much. What has changed is the amount of walking I do (because many activities are not possible for me due to weakened knees) and I am already seeing physical loss (inches) yes, walking only has definitely worked and continues to work for me.

Hope that helps.

Blessings of Love & Light

GREENMAMA Posts: 1,426
9/15/06 2:00 P

Walking has benefits beyond just weight loss. It is so good for you, you should do it even if you DON'T lose weight.

However, you need to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound. Walking alone--that would be an awful lot of walking!

How many calories you burn walking depends on your body weight, so if you are quite heavy, it is easy to lose weight exercising. Once the weight goes down a bit, it becomes harder to lose weight through exercise alone.

Everyone here had very good suggestions. It should be a combination approach.

Good luck!

GREENMAMA Posts: 1,426
9/15/06 1:59 P

Walking has benefits beyond just weight loss. It is so good for you, you should do it even if you DON'T lose weight.

However, you need to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound. Walking alone--that would be an awful lot of walking!

How many calories you burn walking depends on your body weight, so if you are quite heavy, it is easy to lose weight exercising. Once the weight goes down a bit, it becomes harder to lose weight through exercise alone.

Everyone here had very good suggestions. It should be a combination approach.

Good luck!

JBURKE8991 SparkPoints: (134,302)
Fitness Minutes: (44,556)
Posts: 2,245
9/15/06 10:22 A

I to do Leslie Sansone tapes. I have several. I like her 4 mile power wald tape the best and use 1 or 2 lb weights. I also do firm step aerobic with weights and another weight lifting toning tape. I believe in changing my routine but with a sciatic nerve in my hip I can't walk outside as I can't do hills. I think the tapes make me walk faster then I would out side anyway. Good luck works for me.

LABYRINTH Posts: 5,656
9/15/06 9:01 A

I lost the first 35 pounds just from in home walking (Leslie Sansone For walking to work you must watch calorie intake (even if it is not a 'diet') and you must keep it to a certain intensity and duration.

For me, 45 minutes (approx. 3 miles) was the key. 30 minutes or less is okay if you are starting out but you do need to work on getting longer times.

The best things about walking is that it is low chance of injury, easy to do, can be done in or outdoors, and is pretty much free!

HB_DEISE Posts: 1,321
9/15/06 2:42 A

I lost 35 lbs just from walking an following a healthy diet!!!

MOMCLP Posts: 2,249
9/14/06 10:28 P

I started losing weight just by walking and getting rid of junk food from my diet. When I joined SP, I added strength training and some other forms of exercise, like golf, and lost even more. I love walking.

WATERCOLOR Posts: 1,265
9/14/06 9:34 P

Yes you can. Fitness walkers can reach a 14 minute per mile pace and race walkers can exceed an 8 - 10 minute per mile pace. Both are faster than a lot of people run. Check out for lots of good info and training plans.

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DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
9/14/06 8:10 P

I've been walking as part of my exercise routine for almost eight years now, and I still love it. It was my only form of cardio for about the first three years, and I do my best to walk twice a week even now. It's a great time to empty my head and just enjoy the outdoors. I have incorporated hills and speedwalking over the years, and I can still get a good sweat going if I want to. I'm fortunate to have a park just a few blocks from my house with a great walking path. I use it almost year-round, until the weather gets too cold.

BUFFEDSTUFF Posts: 11,303
9/14/06 7:40 P

when I started out that was all I could do and I lost some weight.

WAYFARER22 Posts: 89
9/14/06 6:22 P

I'd definitely attribute the first 15lbs I lost to walking alone. I started walking 5 times a week for 3 miles a stretch. Nearly a year later, I'm up to 4+ miles, 2 times a week, jogging, 2x a week and biking once a week. I found that after awhile, I wanted to move fast, thus the jogging and biking. I also did find that I plateau'd. I should also add that since I began, I am also strength training, which I didn't do right at first.


MBSHAZZER Posts: 18,605
9/14/06 5:15 P

I think you burn about 100 calories a mile, give or take depending on your weight. The key is that the faster you go, the more miles you cover, the more calories you burn. If you're just getting started, walking is probably just the jump start you need. If you're hitting a plateau, you probably will have to kick it up a bit. Maybe just incorporate hills or try speedwalking for a few minutes.

IM4GIVN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,490)
Posts: 1,699
9/14/06 5:07 P

I started off my weight loss with just walking .but after awhile it stopped working .So then I found Leslie Sansone She does inhome walking and the weight started comming off even more I really don't diet I just have changed my eating habbits to be more haelthy . everyone is different emoticon

BROWNEYEDGIRL31 Posts: 2,345
9/14/06 4:23 P

I dropped my first 30 lbs. with Weight Watchers and just walking. My mother dropped around 150 lbs. by just walking and watching what she ate about 10 years ago.

PERSEPHONE82 Posts: 261
9/14/06 3:59 P

I think it depends on your base level of activity to begin with.

If someone is extremely overweight and sedentary, they would probably not be able to begin a more strenuous cardio routine and I think walking would work very well for them to get started. If you're already fairly active then simply walking might not be able to make a huge difference in your calories burned per day because your body is already used to that base level of activity.

Of course it also depends on how fast you're walking, how far you're going and whether you're incorporating hills. Plus when you go walking on trails you get to call it hiking... which just feels better to say :-)

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EEDNIC Posts: 9
9/14/06 3:54 P

i'm not sure if i've lost much weight that way, but i certainly have stayed at a lower/consistent weight when walking quite a bit (around 10,000 steps per day).

i think for me (when trying to lose weight) it's better to mix it up...some aerobics, a little bit of jogging, and also getting my steps in for the day.

i suppose too it has something to do with getting your heart rate up.

9/14/06 3:34 P

Has walking worked for you? How far/long did you walk in order to lose weight. I have a friend who dropped quite a few pounds by just walking and "keeping an eye" on what she ate - not dieting. ANyone else have success with walking only?

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