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1/12/14 2:47 P

Run far, run fast. Even 1200 calories may not be enough for you, depending on how active you are. Stay away from ANYTHING even remotely related to HCG. If it's over the counter, it's illegal, and if it's prescription, it's being misused.

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1/12/14 4:46 A

I strongly urge you to read this link to the FDA's questions and answers on this subject, in it's entirety. It isn't that much:


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1/12/14 2:35 A

No and have not heard of this version

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1/12/14 2:18 A


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1/11/14 6:33 P

When any diet sound too good to be true, you know you are being lied to, keep that in mind for the rest of your life, because it will always be true, was true in 1954 and it's still true.
It's a BILLION dollar business, people!

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1/11/14 6:28 P


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1/11/14 6:21 P

Unless you are prepared to follow that diet to the letter for the rest of your life, run as fast as you can in the other direction from it.

1/11/14 6:07 P

Thank you very much!

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1/11/14 6:01 P

The FTC has recently fined them for false advertising.

Anyway, there is a thread in the diet nutrition board:

1/11/14 5:50 P

It seems effective and affordable but restrictive. 500 Calories a day just seems reckless but 1200 is possible for me. Has anyone tried this? What have been the worst side effects for you or the hardest part?

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