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ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (47,216)
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7/20/13 9:32 P

I've use it and found it helpful as a fun general (mostly cardio) workout. Sean T is good at cuing moves and the routines keep good time with the music. As with most programs that include several routines, I liked some routines much better than others. But overall, I found it worth the money I paid (about $60 + shipping) 5 years ago.

FLIPCHICK14 Posts: 1,596
7/20/13 5:20 P

I have really limited experience with it. I've tried one DVD once with a friend who had it. I thought it was an enjoyable and fun workout... but as far as how it works as a program- I can't really comment on that.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 13,668
7/20/13 5:02 P

Considered it but it had so many mixed reviews that I passed

7/20/13 4:52 P

Yes and it was fun. A friend invited me to join a small group she started to work out with the DVD after work. We kept it going for about a month and I saw results!

DEULSENIA Posts: 184
7/5/13 9:08 A

Yes, my 7 & 9 year girls love to work out w/ me. I'm a very busy mother so I usually try to get as much time w/ them as I can so they like to do this work out w/ me.

MSTOWE57 Posts: 1,930
7/5/13 9:01 A


TCANNO SparkPoints: (102,212)
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7/5/13 3:30 A

Not heard of it so I will say no but I don't really know

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (223,357)
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7/5/13 12:19 A

Online Now  • ))
No, I haven't.

TVUONG0730 Posts: 30
7/5/13 12:15 A

Has anyone ever tried the Hip Hop Abs program and lost weight? i saw the commercial earlier and its on like a super sale so i was thinking of trying it since its not that expensive now (compared to before when it was like $100+)

actually has anyone ever tried any exercise programs in general and been successful? which ones are the best? let me know~~~

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