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Sea salt has a better taste to me, but it's not "better" for you. Salt is salt; it affects the body the same way regardless of whether or not you sprinkle it on your food, get it from the sea, or hide it in your processed, boxed food. In fact, I would argue that table salt is probably "better" for you for the exact reason Anarie just stated: it contains iodine.

There's no reason not to use it, really, if you enjoy it, but it doesn't confer any advantages over other kinds of salt.

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It's pretty, but it's not better for you. Regular table salt has iodine added to help prevent thyroid problems. Most people can't get nearly enough iodine from their food, and iodine deficiency causes some extremely serious health problems. They started adding iodine to salt in the 1920s because it was something almost everyone used, so now we don't even think about it.

Some people think that a small part of the obesity problem in the US is due to using less salt and using non-iodized salt. People are getting less iodine, so their thyroid function may be decreasing. When I read that, I decided to go back to regular table salt instead of the fancy sea salts, except it's a fancy dish where you want to see the salt on the surface. I sincerely cannot taste the difference; maybe some people can.

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I didnt know it existed.

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I use it all the time when I am cooking or baking. I buy it at the health food store. I think it has a better taste than regular salt and is better for you.

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