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TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 217
1/22/14 1:39 A

I would love to do talks about martial arts stuff, like philosophies and how different techniques can be strung together. I've never heard of this before either, I'll have to look at it. Thanks for sharing.

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,450
1/21/14 11:13 P

Oh wow never heard about Google Helpouts before...seems great, those Math tutors would have been soooo helpful some years ago... oh well.

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
1/21/14 7:18 A

As part of the fantasy, I would charge $5 for the 10 minute intro and more for more advanced sessions.t

Though you could start out totally free and/or stay that way ... but

"Despite screening candidates and monitoring activity like a hawk, there’s still the possibility that you’ll get terrible advice at a premium price. To reassure new users, Google have implemented a money back guarantee in the event of a less-than-perfect session. "


It would really be a fantasy for me. I don't even own an iPod and have NO decent streaming speed ... I do have an mp3 recorder fwiw and of course my camera on my laptop

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
1/21/14 6:38 A

"With the launch of a new online video service called Helpouts - you can get assistance with just about anything! Google Helpouts connect users to experts using live video conferencing. "

So, if you want to give a lecture about Nutrition (just an example, my example), it can be SOOO much more than a lecture. You could actually teach somebody.

Let me just for fun set the parameter at a ten minute introduction to what I think about when I want to plan my on-program day and how they could to ..

so pick your fantasy subject and what you'd teach

(this is one on one or one on small-group (kitchen table) home audience. Not for a business or academic venue!!)

Especially, if your nutrition (or whatever it is you like to teach!) topic is controversial but unconventional-wisdom stuff ... not necessarily controversial and the Custer's Last Stand stuff ...

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1/21/14 12:41 A

You might have to explain more about what this is...

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
1/21/14 12:01 A

I already did a few vLogs about nutrition, and suddenly I found out about helpouts.

I never had that fantasy. The interactivity might not be what I want.

I love it when the student overtakes the teacher.
But I am less afraid of the camera when recorded, not live ...

What is your fantasy?

[I assume some Spark related topic you love ...]

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