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NINA851 Posts: 60
6/10/10 5:12 A

I've always struggled with emotional eating, and felt helpless. So it's really motivating to read about how you succeeded overcoming it! Congrats!

JANTIE3 Posts: 5
6/10/10 5:06 A

Well done, what an inspirational message,just the insentive I need to start excersising regularly. emoticon

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JASNA12 Posts: 48
6/10/10 4:59 A

Well done! You'll reach your target in no time! Congrat!

NZFITNESS Posts: 426
6/10/10 4:50 A

Well done you! That's such great news and very inspiring!

Make sure you let us know when you reach your target!


6/10/10 4:48 A

I just started this is my first week. I'm so proud
of you!!!!!! Keep up the good work. emoticon

CAROLYNINJOY1 Posts: 7,259
6/10/10 4:43 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm so proud of you!!!!! Keep up the good work.

I just had my first 'detour' day before yesterday & was pleased to get right back on track. I won't know weigh in results until friday morning.

Keep inspiring us.

6/10/10 4:43 A

your message was inspiring. I cannot get past this point of 1 lb up and 1lb down. I need to make a change

SHAY72 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,646)
Posts: 1,681
6/10/10 4:38 A

great job, that's a very inspiring story ,thanks for sharing it with us & keep up the great work.

SUZILU1 Posts: 1
6/10/10 4:32 A

It's great reading these inspiring messages, it motivates me to get back on track.

Well done!

ASTRALL Posts: 1,176
6/10/10 4:29 A

Well done to you for having the will power to overcome your obstacle. Keep up the hard work on your new journey to better choice and good health! emoticon

6/10/10 4:23 A

That is awesome! I also had a very trying day yesterday and it was the perfect storm where normally I would have come home from work and started emotional eating. Instead, I've already made some good habits in 2 weeks with SparkPeople. I decided on a glass of wine instead of eating. I normally don't drink every day but I purposely made the decision to do that instead of chowing down on something that would make me feel a lot worse later. That experience gave me encouragement for the upcoming weekend. Weekends are usually my biggest downfall times and I have to be extra vigilant to stay on task.

6/10/10 4:18 A

Bravo for accomplishing so much. Your story is an inspiration. I look forward to celebrating the final ten with you as well.

BARBERELA444 Posts: 20
6/10/10 4:09 A

HOW FANTASTIC!!! Well done you!!! emoticon

NZGODDESS Posts: 760
6/10/10 4:06 A

Congratulations for the new mindset!! Way to go!!!

KERANCE Posts: 1,054
6/10/10 3:55 A

This is great well done!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

ZOESEE2008 Posts: 30
6/10/10 3:38 A

Congratulations you have achieved so much and are an inspiration to a on/off spark user like myself it just highlights how important it is to keep on track and to track emoticon fot sharing your story you have done emoticon

NEED2LOSE40BIN Posts: 628
6/10/10 3:37 A


HYPHEN-1 Posts: 5
6/10/10 3:34 A

I enjoyed reading this article the most. It make me feel motivated that I can accomplish myself

JREESE451 Posts: 53
6/10/10 3:00 A

Congrats! You are an inspiration to all!

FATHINSN SparkPoints: (80,843)
Fitness Minutes: (39,828)
Posts: 9,643
6/10/10 2:59 A

Congrats and a bit of envy on your success, in a good way emoticon

VAMPS351 SparkPoints: (11,400)
Fitness Minutes: (8,570)
Posts: 540
6/10/10 2:46 A

Congratulations on your success and keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all.

NANALD SparkPoints: (78,653)
Fitness Minutes: (34,609)
Posts: 2,309
6/10/10 2:42 A

Congratulations! I really believe that while the diet and weight loss are fantastic and would be enough reason to use the website that they barely scratch the surface of what I get from using Spark. It is getting me back on track and making me openly struggle with issues that had gotten me in a bad rut. I am so happy for your success and for the success of so many that I read about every day. Here's hoping that all of us continue to pay it forward. Thanks for sharing! emoticon

6/10/10 2:42 A

excellent...u motivate me


Sonea Mudgal

MANXMAG SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,209)
Posts: 179
6/10/10 2:30 A

What a wonderful achievement, congratulations. I'm proud of you and of being a member of this amazing community. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

Maggie emoticon emoticon

TECKEL Posts: 9
6/10/10 2:27 A

EXCELLENT POST!! Thank You for writing! Keep up the great work!

LITTLEFAY Posts: 319
6/10/10 2:25 A

Good for you. Now I know that I have to have that same attitude. It is so easy to backslide, but perserverance as you showed is the key. Thanks.

PRAIRIECROCUS SparkPoints: (483,215)
Fitness Minutes: (217,850)
Posts: 56,357
6/10/10 2:24 A

Congrats on your wonderful weight loss !
It is so wonderful that you have discovered this
new, healthy, active lifestyle.
All the best on your SparkPeople journey !

6/10/10 2:20 A

Congrats!...I am just starting and I know I will get there...but to hear messages like yours sure helps ...keep it up..... emoticon

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HELENSMALL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 29
6/10/10 2:07 A

Fantastic, I'm so pleased for you. I'm trying to do more or less the same thing, so it was good to read of your success. Keep it up and well done. Helen

MOMFAN SparkPoints: (175,351)
Fitness Minutes: (112,932)
Posts: 33,639
6/10/10 1:53 A


SUZAN3 Posts: 1,568
6/10/10 1:44 A

This is great and an inspiration for me as I also struggle with emotional eating.

LILYBELLE8 Posts: 1,781
6/10/10 1:40 A

Here's another Woo Hoo for you - good job - and thanks for sharing!

MESEATURTLE Posts: 1,063
6/10/10 1:36 A

A big hug to you from me!i am new to sp and u give me hope and inspiration!!way to go!!!

2BEATIT1 Posts: 3,162
6/10/10 1:07 A

Way to go! You are an inspiration to the rest of us.
All the best in the continuation of your journey. emoticon emoticon

6/10/10 1:00 A


CBMASPIRE7 Posts: 59
6/10/10 12:56 A


LKBURNS1257 Posts: 1
6/10/10 12:35 A

emoticon congrats and never give up!!!!!!!!!

CAROLJEAN64 Posts: 12,946
6/10/10 12:33 A

What a great post to read. Congrats. You really are a Spark!

ROSE6040 Posts: 1,357
6/10/10 12:28 A

How wonderful! You are doing great. I know that you will reach your goal. emoticon

6/10/10 12:25 A

FANTASTIC!! Keep up the good work!

AHEALTHIERME9 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,019)
Posts: 2,574
5/24/10 5:28 P

Gosh, I can FEEL your excitement! WAY TO GO!!!

For me, overcoming my setbacks has been my biggest challenge AND my biggest victory. I feel as if it's old patterns and habits working their way out of my healthful lifestyle and out of the mindset of my lifetime.

Kudos to you! You are definitely in the Spark Zone... keep pushing forward, knowing that you can do this and you will do this!



GRAMHIFF Posts: 50
5/24/10 8:32 A

Great Job emoticon emoticon they are my life line I 2 would of gave up without YOU all.

EVILKLOWN Posts: 2,536
5/24/10 7:04 A

Yes, this is sooooo key ... the ability to "shake it off and get back on track." I've had many setbacks but just as many comebacks (this time.)

The math of calories in/calories out is what makes me KNOW I can lose weight. The nutrition tracker provided by Spark is the tool that makes me unafraid of my opponent. No longer do I "wonder" if my strategy will work ... by planning ahead (and entering my meals a few days ahead of time) I can see the future!!

LUCYLBB229 Posts: 2
5/23/10 11:52 P



5/23/10 11:13 P


5/23/10 4:19 P


_COSMOPAULATAN_ Posts: 3,040
5/23/10 3:49 P


LADYVAILL79 Posts: 811
5/23/10 3:24 P

that is fantastic!! congrats on your success!

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,865)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,433
5/23/10 2:03 P

Woohoo -- thanks for sharing your excitement! This is what SP is all about. For additional motivation to stay on this path, keep in mind that you are just at the beginning of this adventure and now have the chance to reach so many more fun goals in life.


CM70830 Posts: 91
5/23/10 1:20 P

Hi! This is a little woo hoo because I am so proud of myself. I had my first big setback last week. Before Sparkpeople, I would have given up and gone back to my pattern of emotional eating. But instead, I shook it off and got right back on track. I lost 1.8 pounds this week (my target is 1 pound per week) and I just realized not only did I break 140 but I am less than 10 pounds to my goal. I'm more than half way there! This has been one of the best journeys of my life. In the last 3 months, the changes that were a challenge in the beginning have begun to be second nature. I love how my lifestyle makes me feel about myself. I love that I can do twice as many push ups as when I started and I can see the definition starting to happen all over my body. I love that I look forward to my workouts (most of the time!). Most of all, I love that I have learned to enjoy food in all it's wonderful glory and not use it to abuse myself. I haven't always had the most self esteem, and now I feel like Wonder Woman. I can do it!!!


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