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VKKESU Posts: 1,000
9/20/13 2:02 P

For me ...... I realized that the process is easier (because we know what to do, and we know it works.

BUT..... my patience is shorter because I know it works, and just want to see it gone faster.

Keep at it, it will work for you !

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,195
9/20/13 8:36 A

idk if it's ever "easier". Maybe sometimes we're more motivated and positive. I think maybe it was "easier" for me to lose weight when I was younger.... could've been a simple matter of a more active lifestyle, while my kids were growing up. At any rate, it really doesn't matter. You have to start wherever you are, and the only value in examining the past is to figure out where you slipped up, so you can avoid doing it again. Could be you quit tracking your food. Could be you let an occasional splurge, become a daily eat-a-rama hogwild eating type thing.

It took me a few years of lurking around Spark, before I was finally able to say that yes indeed, I needed a lifestyle change and not just a "diet". Of course, once I made that decision, I wanted the weight to just melt off practically overnight. Which it didn't do. There's no point whatsoever in me mulling over all those years where I *could have* had that lifestyle thinking breakthrough, but didn't.

One of the things that really keeps me going is the mantra-- you do not fail because you do not quit. Even if I've had a not-so-stellar day, I do not quit. I get up the next day and have another go.

Edited because for some reason this morning I can't spell.

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DOMINICKSMOM05 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/18/13 8:45 A

Thank you guys for all of the support- please feel free to add me as a sparkfriend and keep the positive feedback coming. I know I will need it. I tend to be very hard on myself which may be why I turn to food as comfort (it doesn't judge me)

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,158
9/18/13 3:44 A

I am sorry that you and your family have had a very trying time. Having serious issues intervene in your life doesn't make you a failure because you have gained some weight back. Maybe rather than thinking of this as a second-time round, think of it that you had a break and now you are here to continue on your journey. That way it may help you to stop beating yourself up, and that is a positive in itself :-)

Take care,

CMOMMYFLY Posts: 195
9/17/13 7:12 P

Ya know what...not necessarily! You learned some things last time, didn't you?

You learned what success felt like.
You learned how easily it can be derailed.
Hopefully, you learned some healthy habits that worked for you last time.
You probably learned that a few things didn't work.
You learned how helpful it is to improve other areas of your life along with your waistline.
You most likely learned some recipes, some things that motivate you, who you can count on, and who you can't.

I don't buy that it will be harder this time. It may actually be easier! I can't tell you whether the weight will come off at the same rate three years later...but it WILL come off. The mental part is so much more important than the physical part, and I bet you're miles ahead this time!

By the way, I know some of where you're coming from: I lost 55 pounds in 2011, and was getting close to the top end of a healthy weight range. Then I got pregnant (the prior weight loss probably saved me from gestational diabetes!), kept my weight gain minimal (it was all gone two weeks after the baby was born), and then proceeded to gain 60 pounds the first year after my daughter was born. But when I was ready, I picked up and started again. I started 10 weeks ago, and am down 17 pounds.

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ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (191,741)
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9/17/13 1:12 P

Hi, Meghan ! Welcome back to Spark People.

No, losing weight never seems to get any easier. I'm convinced that the reason it gets harder to lose each time is because our bodies become more efficient at holding on to the weight. Yo yo dieting ruins a person's metabolism. So, don't beat yourself up because the weight isn't coming off as fast as you'd like. Remember, you didn't gain the weight overnight, it's not coming off overnight.

I can assure you that if you continue to eat right, watch your portions and get a little regular exercise, you will see change with time. But, you really do have to be more patient with yourself and your body.

Yo yo dieting really does make it harder to lose each time you gain, lose and regain the weight. To the best of your ability, when you take the weight off, it has to stay off.

What to do ? As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Give yourself credit for all the positive things you do for yourself and don't beat yourself up because you're not perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

Do your best to eat eight and watch those portions. When it comes to weight loss or weight gain, what really matters most is what we eat. You can't outrun a bad diet with exercise.

Patience, it's a virtue.

DOMINICKSMOM05 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 310
9/17/13 12:59 P

In 2010 I lost 60 pounds on this site and it was great- I was seeing a steady weight loss most of the time and it was reinventing my life so the process was easier (I can't really say easy but it wasn't terrible). Due to life issues- break ups- special needs child- cancer and chemo- I gained back 35 of it (give or take). So now I am getting back o n track (already down 5)- but it seems harder this time. Less positive- I guess I sort of feel like a failure after letting go of what I had last time. So tell me- is it harder the second time? Any words of advice? Suggestions? Help? Thanks for listening


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