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4/2/13 12:50 P

A heart rate monitor will not give you an accurate reading doing strength training their design is not set for that form of exercise. In reality there is no way to accurately measure calorie burn outside of a laboratory setting. Any value from any algorithm is at best a guesstimate so best take with an appropriate amount of salt ( do not exceed you daily sodium intake please).

Other than the above problem strength training done properly causes a carry over calorie burn effect or "after burn" which goes by the white coat name of excess post exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC fpr short. There is not accurate way to measure this value.

ERICADURR Posts: 243
4/2/13 10:57 A

I burn ten per minute. I'm doing Olympic strength training, and have a heart rate of at least 150 the entire time I'm lifting, so yeah, you do burn plenty of calories while strength training if you're doing it right. (I don't use machines, for what it's worth.)

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4/2/13 9:52 A

It's really a tiny amount; so small as to be not a concern. ;) You do burn *some* calories while strength training, just not a lot.

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4/2/13 9:24 A

Hmm. Thanks for the heads up. Don't know if I agree with that move but w/e.

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4/2/13 9:09 A

LEC358, they actually changed that a few months ago, and now you get a token amount of calories when you track pre-entered exercise. ;)

One easy way to do this is to simply log general strength training using that entry in the database, and tracking your time, rather than each individual exercise.

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4/2/13 8:43 A

The way SP works, it doesn't count calories burned directly from ST anyway. But it is good practice to keep a log of the weight and reps you do on different machines to track your progress.

ERICADURR Posts: 243
4/2/13 8:23 A

I also suggest (if you have the money) to invest in a heart rate monitor, because it can help you more accurately calculate how many calories you've burnt. If you haven't, maybe you could attend a couple of exercise classes that function to hit all of your muscles and give you some idea of some more exercises to perform. I also hired a trainer when I was really new to the gym (one or two times was all it really takes) to acclimate myself to the machines and ensure I had proper form. :)

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4/2/13 8:11 A

Thank you everyone for all your suggestions and help. I really appreciate it!

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4/1/13 4:53 P

Every weight machine I have ever seen has a little plaque/sticker with the name and exercise demo on it.

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4/1/13 4:04 P


Have you asked the front desk if they have a list of the weight machines?
If they don't, see if they can walk you through the machine names and what they target so you can take notes.

You can start there, then make up your own check list to take with you to the gym. This will help you keep track of your progress and when it's time to go heavier.

Do a goggle search on 'bodybuilding' sites and I'm fairly [absolutely] certain there are free online 'bodybuilding' routines you can check out. If for nothing else than to educate yourself about the how, why and what of weight training.

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4/1/13 3:13 P

I find it hard to log in am I supposed to know how many calories I've burned if I'm walking? If I enter that I walked 19 min miles for 57 min..then it should calculate what I've burned! Am I crazy for thinking this? I also don't understand why it doesn't subtract calories burned from my nutrition tracker! I understand the frustration.

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4/1/13 2:44 P

I find it really hard to log the weights Im using in the gym. I admit I'm bit of a novice in the gym (though I go 3-5 times a day, the fear of all those fit people has me getting in, repping it out - and getting out!) Half the time I dont even know what machine Im doing besides "arms", "legs" etc. I know I'm burning cals in there -- but how much? on what machine? Also I know I'm not SUPPOSED to work out every part of my body......... but............. I do. (I rest in between on days). I suppose I need a work out plan (arms, legs, chest, tri's/biceps) but I just don't know where to look. I do intend on investing in a personal trainer at some point but I am a single mom to two children and receive no help from anyone but me, myself and I....

At this point, I've lost 60 pounds on my journey. I need to lose about 30 more.

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