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4/14/14 5:10 P

I aim for 1200-1500.

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4/14/14 2:27 P

I cannot lose on 1200 calories, even with walking daily.

I found that when I consume 900, then 1000, then 800, then 1100, then start back with 900, 1000, 800, 1100 it seems to trick my mind/body into losing.

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4/12/14 9:18 P

You might have to reduce carbs and boost protein to lose weight. As others have mentioned, find what works for you. Seems like everything you mentioned is high in carbs.

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4/12/14 11:38 A

Jenny we are all different, so what the "cookie cutter" says we have to have (1200 calories) doesn't work for many of us, especially for me. I can't lose on anything but a LOW CARB diet. So do what works FOR YOU. Dr. Mercola recommends Intermittent Fasting on his web site, where he says to skip breakfast and have both meals between 1 PM and 6 PM. Try something different until you find what works for you. I've never been a person who cares about breakfast, so that works for me. But everyone is different.

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4/11/14 12:02 P

1200 is the minimum.
You need to eat more to support your activities.

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4/10/14 8:42 A

For many reasons they say a woman should never go below 1200 and with lots of activities like you seem to do, you may need more to maintain your body. Sometimes we have to eat more to lose. I know when I lost my first 50 and was doing the gym 5 days I had to move up to 1400 in order to start losing again. Seems muscle uses more energy and if we don't fuel the body it thinks it is starving and holds onto everything we eat.

Spread your calories out more over the day also helps. Well I need to really get myself back into things as well. Been over 6 years since I can say i've really lost any weight. BUT I did keep off the 100 plus I lost before that. So I know what I need to do, just need to do it. And now to lose another 50. On ward.

Have a blessed day and keep at it. Change up you exercise routine as well!!



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4/9/14 6:39 P

So my understanding is that in need to consume 1200-1500 cals per day, My largest meal is breakfast. then lunch , i do have snaks in between, such as fruits nuts and somtimes yogurt. I am at the gym 4 times a week, 4 days of cardio approx 20min, another 30 min weights, once a week a cardio class, After my work out i have a protien drink. And cannot drop an ounce. ERRRRGGGG need some help.....

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