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6/5/13 7:48 P

I am glad to hear that you are being treated and followed by your doctor on this. I am sure the doctor is providing guidelines for you to follow.


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Yes, I do have many signs of dehydration, but as I am diabetic and hypothyroid, some of those symptoms overlap. My estimate or 4-5 cups a day includes my soup, coffee, tea, almond/coconut milk, juicy fruits/veggies, etc. And no, I don't really get thirsty much. I also (according to the doc) have a small bladder, and one of the ways I compensated for my frequent urge to pee growing up was to drink as little as possible- became a bad and dangerous habit. I am having some success with watered down lemonade and decaf green tea, so I guess the key now is just getting in the habit and REMEMBERING to drink it. The only water I can seem to stomach plain is Penta brand water, but it's so expensive that I can't consider it a reliable source.

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I've found that my water has to be cold...and I need reminders....! lol

So I have a favorite cup sitting in plain sight, right next to the refrig where the water is. Its a visual cue to have a half a cup. So when I am fixing breakfast...a half a cup...when I'm headed out the door...another half a cup...when I get back...another half a cup.... and so my day goes.... It all adds up slowly, but its definitely more than I used to drink!

After dinner, I often fix a big cup of the flavored water, with ice, to sip on while I'm Sparking at the computer..... emoticon

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No, you're not crazy. I grew up as a child never drinking water and its a hard habit to break. I am also chronically dehydrated and if I don't keep track of it, I can go a few days at a time without drinking because like you, I try not to drink my calories. Problem with this.... once you get to a certain point of dehydration, your body loses its thirst mechanism. Honestly, the only way I've found that I ever want water is when I do cardio exercise. I try to do at least a half hour a day and then chug water afterwards. Its not a fix all solution, but it does help get in 3-4 glasses a day. Adding like 1/2 of a strongly flavored juice to your bottle of water helps too... kind of like LifeWater.

6/4/13 7:18 P

Are you thirsty all the time?
Has a doctor indicated that you are showing signs of dehydration?

Remember that many foods hydrate the body---milk, fruit, soup, veggies.

Don't feel you must force plan water. If you find it easier to tolerate flavored water when using the artificial sweetener packets---then use them. And tea and coffee are also beverages that hydrate.

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6/4/13 2:14 P

No, I don't mind any more. I used to drink fizzy flavored water (no sodium or sugar) I loved that for a long time and now I don't like those any more. I have been drinking plain water. My problem is that when I am not at work on the weekends, I forget to drink water until I am thirsty. Not a good idea.

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6/4/13 2:05 P

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6/4/13 1:42 P

You do not *need* to consume "plain water." I mean, it's great in that it does its job (hydrate you) without adding any calories, additives, caffeine, etc. BUT if you can't/won't/don't want to drink it, you do not have to!

If a dash of crystal light or a tea bag or a squeeze of lemon makes it palatable, prepare it that way. It's better than trying to gag it down, and thus not getting enough in.

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6/4/13 1:31 P

Does anyone else gag at the taste of water? (Most bottled or from the tap). It's hard for me to even brush my teeth in the morning without wanting to yak. I've always been this way and it's left me chronically dehydrated. I am that person that (when I drank soda) I could sip on the same 20 oz drink all day and sometimes not even finish that. I know I need to drink more, and I avoid sodas and artificial flavors/ sweeteners so I'm having a very hard time getting my water in. I tend to do ok with lemonade or green tea. I'm making a real effort but I would say I'm getting maybe 5 glasses a day if I am very conscious. Any tricks? Am I nuts? lol

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