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9/2/09 11:02 A

Been to the doctors and they dont have a clue. Decommisioning is the latest term they used.

I have a treadmill, some weights/bench in my house but I get too comfortable once I get home to use them and also the large fear of hurting myself or a heart attack on the treadmill.

I do see that I need to do something so I am around in the future for my kids and that is a toss up. Do I want to see them now or only when they are in their twenties.

I have been rebelling this whole "Getting healthy" thing for some time now. Fear, anger, loss of hope, disgusted, depressed are the main reasons.

last night my daughter wanted me to run around with here again and I was too scared to.

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9/2/09 12:04 A

I think it's too harsh to refer to the reasons given as just being excuses. Not wanting to spend time going to and from the gym because one has small children that value their time with daddy isn't an excuse. It's actually admirable. The conflict, though, is that these kids also need you to be there as they grow up - and it won't get any easier to find the time when they get older. As such, it is very important to find time to take care of yourself physically so you can do everything in your power to be there for them not just when they are two and four, but also when they are 12 and 14, 22 and 24, 32 and 24,...

I agree with you on not wanting to spend money on a gym membership that would just require you to spend an extra hour a day in the car getting there and back. (I've had gym memberships. The only thing that got lighter for me was my wallet because I didn't use it. It wasn't convenient.) However, in that case you need to find something else that you can do in or around your home that will allow you to exercise. Go for a walk with the kids. Get a tandem bicycle with your wife, and pull the kids in a bike trailer. Spend some of that TV time on an elliptical or a treadmill in your house. (The saved monthly cost of a gym membership can pay for one relatively quickly.) Start out small, and grow (and shrink!) from there.

I think "Stu" is right on point here. It is hard to get started when we know that life *will* get in the way. We will be pulled off track. If we can start with something (relatively) small and build from that, we're heading in the right direction. (The flip side of that, though, is that when starting small initial results will be correspondingly small. Therefore, I would recommend committing to it as much a possible to see some results before you get discouraged.)

I would also say that if you are feeling physically very poor after running around in the back yard with a two and four year old that if you haven't done so you might consider going to a doctor to get checked out before starting anything strenuous. That would be alarming to me (although I'm not a doctor).

STU1970 Posts: 28
9/1/09 11:37 P

I find it hard to get started when i know that before i can make it a habit that i would miss on any one day that there will be many things that happen to take me off track. I try doing something with kids on sunday that last more than an hour to get my heart rate up. Its tough but I keep trying to do more little by little so I am trying to work it in my daily life and soon believe that it will be there for good.

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9/1/09 6:58 P

I need to do cardio exercises. Cant do them at my desk.

I just dont see where I can make time to join a gym. The kids are young 4 and 2. I tired running around the yard last night with them and I dont feel good today from it. I'll look at the family section.

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9/1/09 5:56 P

Yeah I think after a while you do have to recognize these as excuses. If you really wanted this you would make the time and effort. Maybe you simply are not ready to make these lifestyle changes at this time in your life. There's nothing wrong with that. You have to really be motivated to make these changes because they require a huge committment.

There are plenty of people who have children that manage to get activity and healthy nutrition worked into their day. You can do the same. Get off your hiney and join that gym find one at your neighborhood park so that kids can go with you. I'm sure they would love to play a game of basketball with Dad. It will be good for all of you (unless they are too young then forget it). Look at the desk exercises Sparkpeople has to offer it's better than doing nothing. Go to the family section of Sparkpeople and get more great ideas on how you can work a healthier lifestyle into your whole family's life.

You can do this if you want to. Sounds like you need to think about it some more.

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9/1/09 2:56 P

Half of the time is for the beer/wine. The other half is couch time or playing with my kids. I know If I dont make an effort nothing will change.

One of my main issues is dedicating actual time to exercise. Playing with my kids is only so much. I need to find a time to dedicate an hour to an hour and a 1/2 for exercising. That would include 20 minute drive to the gym. 1/2 hour to 1 hour workout then 20 minute drive home. Squeezing that into a day where I leave the house at 7 and get home at 6:30-7:00 (on a good night) and then have time for dinner and my kids. Sacrifices have to be made but I dont feel I should sacrifice my kids time to do this. If I went to the gym after work then I would not get home until after 8-8:30 when my kids go to bed so I would not see them Monday through Friday. That is not right either. Going home from work then seeing my kids then leaving the house at 8:30-9:00 PM to go to the gym will get me home until after 10:30-11:00. I guess I can forget getting enough sleep then.

Most of the people I know that are healthy or are in great shape either have no kids (extra time) or have jobs that are close by with no commuting time or they work out of their houses.

Excuses this may be as well but I just dont see it or how to accomplish this.

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9/1/09 2:06 P

ROB2006: "half of the time Id rather have a beer or wine and relax."

Only half the time? I'm impressed. If I'm honest, I have to admit that essentially *all* of the time by the time I get home I'd rather sit and relax than get up and exercise.

That led me to print off and hang a quote for myself that I stumbled onto online somewhere. "The reason I fail instead of succeed is that I trade what I want most for what I want at the moment."

For me, at least, if I wait until I 'have time,' or until I 'feel like it,' things will never change for me. After all, I got to where I am by doing what I 'had time' for and 'felt like.' On the other hand, if I force myself to *make* time to exercise and force myself to eat better, I realize once I'm into it that's it's much better than I expected.

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9/1/09 12:30 P

I still want to and think of ways to do things but when I get home that all goes out the window. half of the time Id rather have a beer or wine and relax.

We just booked a cruise in November and I need to loose weight before than so I can at least enjoy it.

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8/28/09 10:04 A

Try the Wii, you can then play with the kids and wife while working out. Getting a dog and walking it with the kids could be another way to make the most of your time. I feel your pain and have had a similar problem in the past.

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
8/12/09 12:21 P

Check out the fitness tab for the desk workout here at sparks. Also plan your meals you have to be near your desk all day at work...bring a lunch box. They have thermal ones that will keep stuff cold or warm for hours. Fill it with healthy pre-portioned food items and then eat all day. Start with something in the car or at home for breakfast with lots of protein. Yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit and nuts or and egg scramble wrap. Takes less than 5 mins to cook if you prep the veggie the night before (or keep a dish of chopped veggies in the fridge all the time). Throw some in a non-stick pan with a couple of eggs (and some cheese if you like)and mix around. Dump out onto a tortilla top with salsa if you like and roll in up in tin foil or wax paper. Eat on the run. For snacks take fresh fruit or nuts or trail mix or granola, etc... and for lunch you can have a salad or wrap or whatever was leftover from supper the night before or soup or chili out of a thermos. Then have 'dessert' like sugar free jello or pudding or yogurt or fruit and make sure to have another snack for the afternoon and one for the drive home. Then eat a reasonable supper and make your family time activity time even if it is just a game of tag in the front yard. I know you're tired from the whole day but you do need to move and it also teaches your kids healthy habits. Start out slowly by just taking breakfast every day for a week and then the next week take a snack too. Then keep going until you take a whole work day's worth of healthy food with you and then start doing some desk exercises until you do like 30 mins throughout the day and then start slowly moving at home with the family for 5 mins until you are doing 30 mins there too and then you'll be getting an hour of exercise and eating right and viola! A lifestyle change that you didn't even notice! Good luck and I hope this helps! Oh and most important drink lots of water. Take a stainless steel travel cup with you and fill it all day. If you don't have free water at work then take some bottles from home and freeze them half full and they'll stay cold all day.

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8/11/09 2:25 P

I brought a resistance band to work and do that while I sit at my desk. I don't spend that much time at my desk but if I did then I would bring my foot peddler to work and do it while sitting there. You can get them a second hand sports store or

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8/11/09 2:01 P


DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
8/11/09 12:49 P

Sounds pretty rough. You might set a bed time for them or at least a time when they have to be in their rooms getting ready for bed. I don't know how old they are but staying up till 11 for younger kids is probably not the best idea :) If that's not really an option, maybe after dinner you have a family walk time where all of you walk around the block for 15-30 minutes. That will get you all active and spending time together just as you would in front of the tv and will also encourage your kids to live a healthier lifestyle as they are growing up. Most kids get their routines from their parents and if they see you over eating and being a couch potato, they are much more likely to do the same when they're older.

Another alternative is to do things during your normal day. For example, when you go to the bathroom, do 15 wall pushups before you go back to your desk. Every 2 hours while at you're desk, do 10 pushups. When you're at home watching TV with your wife, do 10 jumping jacks during a commercial or run in place for 2 minutes, etc. There are ways to encorporate exercise into your day that doesn't take much time.

If you aren't able to exercise, try watching what you're putting in your mouth. I totally understand that limiting yourself to portioned meals is hard at first, but if you find foods that you like which are low in calories and more filling, then you can eat more of them and not be taking a hugh hit calorie wise. You mentioned you rebel in that way. You aren't really rebelling against anyone but yourself. No one else is going to take your health into consideration and do the work for you.

Take a look at the following article:

I read this a few months ago and was shocked to see the difference both visually and when I eat. You can have so much more food if you choose healthy vs choosing a non healthy portion. The healthier options aren't just the same amount of calories, they have less fat, sodium, cholestorol etc and benefit your body as well. You don't have to sacrifice taste either.

To offset hunger I make sure I'm eating quite often, every 2-3 hours. I eat small meals and snacks.

For example, I'll have breakfast at 7, snack at 9:30, lunch at 12, snack at 2:30, dinner at 6 or 7, an sometimes a snack at 9.

I also drink plenty of water, 8-12 cups a day. If you carry a water bottle with you, you'll find that you'll drink the water :) Drinking water offsets hunger when your blood sugar drops and keeps you from running to the vending machine at work to buy candy, chips, or cookies.

Hopefully I've shown you several options that you can try. It all comes down to making choices for the better though. As long as you're battling with yourself about just starting a fitness routine or watching what you eat, things won't improve.

You're out here for a reason and you want things to improve so you can stop feeling guilty and battling with yourself. Make it happen.

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8/11/09 11:41 A

The kids go to bed between 9 and 11 (When ever they fall asleep). Running around the block at 11 is not going to work. Especially since being up since 6. At 7 when I get home I am wiped out.

I dont get breaks due to the nature of the business. I need to be available (near desk) during the trading day since i work for a brokerage. The 8.5 work day is normal and then add 2.5 - 3 hours in the car it makes it allot longer.

I do have to find a way to do something just haven't found it yet. I dont even eat better allot of times or I eat more than recommended. When I eat the portion sizes that are recommended I am starving shortly afterwards and get angry so I rebel there as well.

DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
8/10/09 5:51 P

Hey man, the best advice I can give you is to start doing something :) It doesn't have to be all or nothing when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Small decisions and steps add up. As you begin to get more comfortable with it, add more to it.

Your schedule looks pretty normal honestly. You're putting in around 8.5 hours at the office. I encourage you to take breaks at work! By law for the first 4 hours you work, you get a 10 minute break. After 5 hours you get a 30 minute lunch, after 7 hours you get a 2nd 10 minute break. Take them, and if you don't want to take a lunch break, then at least take the 2 breaks to get up and walk around. 2 10 minute walks a day is a start.

When you get home from work and eat dinner, what time do you put the kids to bed? You could take 30 minutes after you put your kids to bed to run around the neighborhood or take a walk with your wife (depending on how old your kids are).

BELKY227 Posts: 181
8/7/09 4:09 P

It is hard to find the time within a busy schedule like that. Most of us are probably in the same scenario.
Work including travel time. 5:45 am - 4:45 pm

Then I coach youth sports 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Then I eat when I get home.

I wish I could wake up 45 minutes earlier to get any work out in. But I hit that darn snooze button too many times.

Good luck to all who are trying. That is what we all need to continue doing until we hit the hot spot!

PETERTAWFIK Posts: 1,083
8/7/09 1:40 P

i have an office job too
and for 8 years i gained a lot of weight just because there is no aerobic effort in the job
but now with this website i do the strength training at work
and i encouraged my work mates too we are all dieting and working out now
cardio is at home and strength training is at work

ATXCHRIS Posts: 44
8/7/09 12:31 P

I spent 15 years focused only on my job.. worked 70+ hour work weeks and took on every opportunity/challenge that came up. The cost is too freaking high. Unless you're based in India, you do get the breaks.. you may not choose to take them or the company may have a culture which discourages ,them but they are there.

If you work for jackholes who would actually threaten your job if you took a break then impose dietary restrictions on them and tell them you require a low sodium diet or other dietary restriction (heck ask your doctor for a note) and if they force you to eat in, force them to feed you a healthy option, not just whatever they feel like providing.

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8/7/09 12:19 P

Unfotunately we do not get lunch breaks or breaks for that matter. Once I am in the office I am inside for the day.

When we go away on vacation we walk allot and I feel fine doing that but when it comes to the "Exercise" reason for doing it I all of a sudden get "Stiff legs"

ATXCHRIS Posts: 44
8/7/09 10:03 A

Don't have a great answer for you, but some things you might try.

Take a 10 minute break and walk aroud the building.
Find someone else at work who is starting to exercise at lunch and take a walk with them.
Buy an exercise ball and sit on that at work (one person bought one at my start-up and within a month 30% of the company was using it as their normal chair).
Buy a hand exerciser to squeeze.
Play soccer with your kids in the yard instead of video games or watching TV with them.

I'm far from perfect... but I did start with just a short walk with the dog before work (not a morning person so it sucked). It's an every little bit helps kind of thing. Some people can do a complete 180.. I'm a supertanker... change comes slowly.

GOLDWING15 Posts: 3
8/7/09 5:19 A

This is the first time to respond. But you hit home with my lifestyle pretty much. I can't seem to find the time to work out. Work long 12 hour days five days a week. The Beer well maybe 4 bottles a week but I eat and eat all the wrong stuff. Don't take the time to plan a meal just shoot from the hip and eat what ever is quick and easy. Exercise have a room full of equipment from the Tony Little gazelle, to a weight machine tread mill, and even my Son went out and picked up this computer work out that right there on the TV. Looking for the easy plan having a very hard time also, Thanks for listening.

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8/6/09 1:49 P

This is really annoying me. I know I have to eat healthy and exercise to become healthy. My million dollar question is why I do neither? I read and read all about being healthy and I start with a plan in my head but when I get home its out the window.

I have thought of joining a gym as well but when I really look into it I bail out saying that its not for me and I am not going to use it.

I have a list of medical conditions now that I need to correct as well. Some of them may cure themselves if I was healthy. High cholesterol/triglycerides, grinding teeth, sleep apnea to name the big hitters.

My current lifestyle is work allot, eat whatever (good and bad) and drink alcohol (beer and homemade wine) a few days a week.

Typical weekday
6:45 get up get into shower
7:10 - leave for work
8:30 - arrive at work (good day of light traffic)
No lunch breaks - eat at desk what the company orders in
5:15 - leave work
6:30 - 7:00 arrive home
7:15 - eat dinner
7:30 - play with the kids and watch tv with wife
10:30-11:00 - bed
Some nights I stop at the bar for a few beers with the guys from work

Weekends are usually siting around not doing much. Will do some housework if needed and usually hanging out drinking.

I used to bowl competitively in leagues but have quit them now due to my physical stamina is that of a rock.

Anyone else have a serious really hard time trying to change their lifestyles? I mean really hard time. Am I just rebelling against myself?

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