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9/22/12 7:34 P

Have you asked your Neurosurgeon if he/she has any patients in a similar situation to you that you can speak with? I know that there are privacy laws but all they need do is contact those patients and ask them for permission to give you their contact details.

Good luck,

ORANGE81 Posts: 251
9/22/12 7:07 P

Thanks everyone. It will take time but it took years to end up in the brace. But thanks for all the good advice. It's hard when you cant find anyone else who ever wore the brace and I never seem to catch anyone at my neurosurgeons.

9/16/12 8:13 P

I echo what they have said - speak with a physiotherapist about appropriate exercises so that you can tone up without re-injury!

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9/16/12 7:33 P

I haven't had a back brace, but have restrictions to what I can lift and do. My weight limit is 5lb. You can tone your core muscles without lifting weights. I suggest that if you haven't already, ask for a referral to a Physiotherapist who specializes in your problems. He/she will be able to assess you and look at your medical reports/x-rays, and from that give you safe exercises to do. I was sent to Mat Pilates for Rehab. The qualified Instructor is also a qualified, practicing Physiotherapist, so I had real good hands-on. It was only a small class, which was really beneficial - it was almost one-on-one but for a lot less cost. If the others were doing something that was ill-advised for me, she would give me an alternative way of doing it, or another exercise altogether! It takes time, but patience is a virtue here!

If you have a Gym Ball (exercise ball/Pilates ball) even just SITTING on it will provide core-strengthening exercise because it takes that just to maintain your balance. Using it at the computer or watching TV and you are getting a work-out without even realizing it. Of course, then you can add the bit of bouncing that we are prone to do on them, and you have fun while watching TV :-)


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9/16/12 2:48 P

Hi Orange81,
I've had two cervical fusion surgeries, and never worn a hard back brace. However, during both injury/recovery periods, my core area became soft and flabby, as you are describing. I believe part of this was caused by the steroid therapy I was prescribed, along with my inability to work my core or do any weight training. I gained/lost varying amounts of weight since the original injury in 2009, but I want you to have faith that if you take it slow, so as not to re-injure, you will regain your strength and it will start to tighten. I've been told not to lift more than 30 pounds, and I was terrified of this restriction, at first, as I've always controlled my weight w strength training. However, I've been diligent about continuing my physical therapy exercises and slowly changing my diet. I recently started using a 12 pound kettlebell, and the swings have helped me bust through a plateau and aren't hurting my neck at all. I feel my lower back is stronger than ever, even though this one weight is less than half of anything I worked out with prior to my first injury. I can't afford a gym so I also walk outside as much as possible, keeping my back straight and shoulders in proper form.
Please take your time and work slowly, so you heal as you grow stronger. You will be amazed 3 months, 6 months, a year from now, as you look back. Message me if you ever need anything or just want to share your progress :D

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9/16/12 1:58 P

I was wondering if any one else ever wore a hard back brace and noticed that after removing it their stomach was so flabby? Don't get me wrong I wasn't in shape before but it's even bigger and so flabby more than when I weighed 60 pounds more than I do now. I did post on my spinal fusion board waiting for an answer. For over 3 and a half months this brace get my back and core muscle from doing anything and yes I have started light core exercises I still can't do to much but I can do lots of walking and I am. I just wondered if it is like removing a cast and it will take time but it looks so gross and I am stressing over it. emoticon

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