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4/15/12 3:20 P

Spending the money to buy a new wardrobe does make me feel guilty at times but my husband tells me to just take it as a reminder of the 50 lbs I've lost. I agree that sitting on certain seats is more uncomfortable! (for me it's my back bone touching the back of hard chairs that bugs me sometimes haha)

All worth it though!

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4/15/12 2:41 P

I would agree on the loose skin.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (72,219)
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4/15/12 11:49 A

The expense and stress of having to buy new, smaller clothes.

I hate "wasting" all those bigger clothes in my closet -- and I still don't enjoy shopping as I am still not a "perfect size anything." And I hate the expense of it all.

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4/15/12 9:16 A

For me, I find hard wooden chairs and steel bleachers so much more uncomfortable, now that I've lost my built-in seat padding! Oh well, the discomfort reminds me of all I've accomplished!!

4/15/12 7:41 A

Congrats on the self esteem! Congrats on the amazing weight loss! I agree with loose skin...but then to get rid of heavy, fat rolls I think it is better, and I would rather try to hide loose skin than rolls of fat! emoticon

4/15/12 6:53 A

What things do you consider weight loss 'negatives' but couldn't really care less about now that you''ve shifted gears towards a healthy lifestyle?

Mine would be the excess skin. I used to be really conscious about it and I'd choose to wear long-sleeved tops in the height of tropical heat. Now that I'm getting more comfortable in my own skin (loose, wrinkly bits and all), I don't care so much anymore. At least I got rid of the 150-lb monkey on my back! Just bought a bathing suit and when I looked into the mirror, I saw my toned shoulders instead of my jiggly batwings - it was definitely a body-love moment!

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