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Happy Nurse's Day

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Posts: 2,018
5/12/13 10:06 A

Nurses and Mothers....they are both miracle workers!!!! emoticon

Posts: 705
5/12/13 9:20 A

Have a lot of friends and family that are nurses and feel unappreciated.



Posts: 4,509
5/12/13 5:40 A


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Posts: 25,670
5/10/13 1:15 P

I've been blessed to have been cared for many nurses over the past 10 years, since my first diagnosis of cancer. I am especially thankful for my oncology nurse; I see her at least 3 times per month because of my chemo schedule. The oncology clinic has been short a nurse for a few months, and she doesn't often get to sit down for her entire lunch hour because she is taking care of patients; but you will never hear her complain about it! She is one who is in the profession because she truly wants to help people.

Thank you for all the amazing, hardworking nurses out there!

Posts: 222
5/10/13 6:43 A

emoticon For All the amazing nurses out there , and close to my heart the nurses from Children,s Boston MA.
love you Nurse Maria emoticon

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Posts: 1,427
5/10/13 6:36 A

That's really thoughtful, HappyWriter7! :) She'll love it!

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Posts: 325
5/10/13 12:09 A

Happy Nurses Day? Let me see----Is that the day when all of the patients cooperate, the doctors are cooperative, on time and extremely helpful in resolving issues! None of the patient's guests are abusive and are extremely appreciative of all you are doing for them and the patient. No one puked, had and accident and loved everything that they were fed? No one dies and everyone hears that their prognosis is good and they will make a complete recovery without complications. No one's handwriting was hard to read, everyone is smiling and you are told how valuable, helpful, appreciated and irreplaceable you are! You learn of the raise that you received and the extended benefits that have been added! You are told you get to go home early with pay and are given a 20 year contract with regular increases, an awesome vacation/sick-day, PTO package and a retirement plan!

Well anyways, even if you don't get any of those things, please know that there are those who really do appreciate you! Happy Nurses Day!

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Posts: 9,698
5/9/13 11:57 P

Thank God for nurses. One of my nurses who has been helping me said that her company werent even celebrating the day. So I ordered her a mug that says, Im a Nurse, what's your super power? I hope she gets a kick out of it.

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5/9/13 11:45 P

I second that. Nurses are wonderful people.

SparkPoints: (11,117)
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Posts: 1,427
5/9/13 11:33 P

YES!! Gotta love all of the nurses who take care of us! Many thanks for all that they do, everyday on our behalf! xo

SparkPoints: (27,309)
Fitness Minutes: (24,472)
Posts: 1,628
5/9/13 10:31 P

To all of the wonderful nurse's who everyday make the effort to make some one else's life better..Thank you!

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