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5/12/13 8:05 P

Thank you everyone! This site really helps keep one focused and motivated...

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5/12/13 12:54 P

Awesome! Happy Mother's Day to You!

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5/12/13 11:54 A


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5/12/13 8:31 A

emoticon Magnificent Victory! I enjoyed your post of appreciations and am happy for you CHESAPEAKE60. emoticon

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5/12/13 8:26 A

So many things to be thankful for. 2 wonderful, successful daughters who have taken such good care of me since their dad died almost 2 years ago. Starting to enjoy a new life and the early stages of a possible new relationship. 2 delightful grands that brighten any day!

And, last, but certainly not least, a big goal of Maintenence achieved today. I left for a 3 week vacation (that included a weeks cruise) at my goal weight of 129 pounds. This was the first big test of staying in control as I lived life. I went and relaxed and enjoyed. Did not go crazy with food but certainly ate some desserts and daily glass or 2 of wine that I don't do everyday at home.

I started back on low end of range eating when I got back. I waited almost a week after I got back to step on the scale to assess the damage. Wanted to make sure the water weight was gone. When I did weight it showed I had gained 1 and 1/2 pounds. Not bad! But more importantly I did not let it depress me or start me on a "what the heck" binge. Just continued the low range of eating.

And this morning I was back at 129.0 pounds!

This was seriously a first for me. And now I am ready to loosen up on the calories again for maintaining. I don't think I have the maintaining down pat by any means but this was such a step victory for me that I am celebrating it in any case!

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