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6/1/13 10:14 A

Mary, I'm so sorry about your dad... emoticon

And I'm also sorry to hear about the loss of your job. That's become all too common a phenomenon, and it nearly never has to do with the quality of a person's performance, but instead, a business' or agency's bottom line these days. I think things are improving, but very, very slowly.

You sound positive and always willing to forge forward, though, and I really admire that.

6/1/13 9:44 A

Hi Mary,

Despite some sad turns in your life, I like your great attitude. It's good and rejuvenating to purge things out of your life that have become stale, and get a new start, and to talk about things too. I, too, need to do a little of that in my life.

Sending my best wishes that you will be able to find a new (and better) job, and that all other things will fall into place for you.

Happy June 1st!

Patti emoticon

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6/1/13 8:53 A

Hi, Mary here: It is another gorgeous morning, and the beginning of a new month, only 70 here in Bethesda. OK so it'll be another hot & humid day with possible thunderstorms... I've made a cup of french press French roast, black & hot!
I am looking forward to life's new twists and turns as I transition through job opportunities, new routines and soul searching. Mind clearing, detoxifying and re-grouping.
I had a great time walking in celebration with Phyllis & Dave 5/11 at the Central Virginia Komen Walk, and they were great hosts- I just love them & their home. I then spent Mother's Day joining our mom at Sojourners for church then a wonderful grilled dinner. Mom and I enjoyed a quiet couple of days together and celebrated Dad's birthday at a local Indian lunch buffet. I plan on coming back middle of this month, to visit mom to celebrate dad's passing.
Once I was back home I was on the fast track starting classes, continuing career development training and job searching along with spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Lots of recycling, trash (and more trash) and donations including our faithful 98 Cavalier... out with the old... reviewing, analyzing and deciding what to keep, where to place it or if an item is truly needed or desired...
I hadn't realize that I had become numb and mechanical, non-feeling and routine... my head is clearing, my heart is softening and I am becoming stronger. My other half has been a great influence of patiently listening as I filter my thoughts, anger and guilt.
Being let go from my job, for the first time in my career has been a unique experience. As the stress peels away, I am left with a person I really admire and respect. I am truly happy being me and look forward to becoming healthier, and happier. Happy June 1st!

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