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ARYASVITKONA SparkPoints: (869)
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1/8/15 6:57 P

I just bought the happy herbivore cookbook and went from there. It was a one time cost and the food was great! Another good cookbook if you're going for a vegan or vegetarian diet is the Veganomicon.

DORAYAKI Posts: 17
1/8/15 4:41 P

I have all the Happy Herbivore books. I bought a weeks worth of the family meal plans once, the food was great but I wasn't organised enough to actually do the whole week. I usually have most of her ingredients on hand so I don't find them hard to make, unlike some vegan cookbooks which call for expensive ingredients I either can't get in my country or can only get at specialist stores.

The only reason I don't buy them regularly is that my family (three kids and two working parents) prefers to do a weekly meal plan and repeat it, so we know what we are having. Less thinking works for us. The meal plans are designed to be 1200-1500 calories from memory, so if that is within your calorie range I would think you would be able to lose weight.

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
6/20/14 6:38 P

My sister did this. I don't know how much she spent on groceries. I do know that she said some of the things were slightly difficult to find in the grocery store--needed to take a few trips to different stores to find the required ingredients.
I looked at some of the recipes-- too many ingredients for me! I like things simple.
I havent seen any weight loss from my sister and I don't think she is still doing it.

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6/20/14 10:43 A

Hey all!

I'm thinking about purchasing a monthly subscription to Happy Herbivore's Meal Plans. Has anyone had success with weight loss by following these meal plans? Also, how much are you spending each week on groceries? Were you satisfied with the meals offered?


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